When to plant in midwest???

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by lordsoth666, Mar 19, 2005.

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    I'm from the midwest as well, and I was wondering what is the best time to plant outdoors, I will be useing clones, well rooted, probably 6" tall.

    Thanks in advance

  2. NowhereMan

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    well consider you have no controll over the outdoor light hours

    Here are the seasons of 2005:
    solstice and equinox times
    SPRING . . . March 20,
    SUMMER . . . June 21,
    .FALL . . . September 22,
    WINTER . . . December 21,


    im not sure sure about cloning ,ive done it once
    but i will give you a example for me on the east coast (wv)

    i try to get a few of them out as early as possible becuase they are scattered far and wide for hopes of stealth,depending on actually the temps i will put some out first week of april,to try to get a jump on it,risking a cold week to come of rian,>??ya know .but by the end of april its warm enough.
    i do most of my planting in may,right up to june if i have time and places to put any,wheather is the big factor more than a actuall date,
    i can say this safe enough though when you see them folks planting corn
    you should be getting right at it .
  3. Torog

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    The Farmer's Almanac may help..

    Howdy soth,

    I have a link to the Farmer's Almanac http://www.almanac.com/

    From what I found out..03/17 - 03/25,before the full moon,is a good time to plant outdoors in Texas..not sure about where you're at,but you can click on your State and find out alot of info.

    Have a good one...
  4. andruejaysin

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    Just be sure the last freeze is past, they'll be fine. I just move mine outside when dad moves his tomatoes outside. I'm not even sure if a frost will hurt them, but what I do has worked for years, I'm not gonna change.

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