when to put seedlings into setup?

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by FlyGuyOU, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. FlyGuyOU

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    Ok so ive got 7 sprouts (2 didnt make it) and the largest one is about 2" and the others around 1"
    I'm going to be running a constant flow hydro, when should I put them into the setup? Currently they are in their cubes and i keep them moist.

    also how long should you wait before adding nutes? two weeks is what i heard you should do with soil grows....but since hydro I have to provide all the nutes, maybe start at 1/4 strength???
  2. d4twamp

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    thats a good plan wait at least 2 maybe 3 weeks depending on their root structure...then start off w/ 1/4 strength nutes...I don't use those nute's though so maybe someone that does could enlighten us on their experiences w/ it...

    D :S5:
  3. soobie05

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    what i think you should do is. keep them in your cubes of course but wait till you start to see some rootage. Once you see that then you can place into your hydro. and from your hydro you probably wanna wait aproxx about a week and use about 1/8 streng. If you think ur plant looks healthy and good to go just go head and pump up to 1/4 streng so on and so on. and just follow your guide from there. hopefully it makes sence it does to me. :Rasta::Rasta: GL
  4. PlainJane

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    I am certainly not experienced enough to be giving advice but I think we've both got seedlings of a close age and I put mine under (diffused) light today. (technically they got a few hours last night, then the dark period and now they're on a regular day-night schedule) They seem to be LOVING it. (knock on wood) The stalks are standing up more straightly and the yellow bits have turned green and I see the makings of tiny little leaves forming. I put my cubes into soil but I don't think this is recommended yet. Too many changes at once seldom seem a good idea but I was being hasty last night.

    You can see the latest photo in my little bitty sprout thread, if you're curious.
  5. soobie05

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    you put ur cubes into soil? how come you didnt just put the seed into the soil? But anyways if your plants are doing good with it just keep it going!
  6. PlainJane

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    It's just another way of doing it. I germinated the seeds in the cube and then ideally when they grow a bit and get some roots you plant the whole thing in soil. I put the cubes in soil a bit early but it seems OK thus far. Doing it this way seems to mean less handling and thus a bit less disruption of the delicate new root system.

    I don't want to hijack the thread with it though as FlyGuyOU is doing hydro. :jointsmile:
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  7. FlyGuyOU

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    'preciate it. bump!

    i went ahead and put em in, but didnt start the water on all the flow till this morning, im just using ph'd water left out over night to get the chlorine off, and a weak weak nut solution (1ml/7gal) just so they have something if they want it.
    I must say i'm happy with how things are goin.

    As far as i'm concerned this thread has served it purpose so feel free to talk about soil, (my buddy hanayama did a soil grow and started in cubes, got 110g off of one girl so it can be done)

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