When to start flushing??

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by themasta09, Sep 2, 2009.

  1. themasta09

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    Heres my baby, grown for less than $50 including lighting,

    Her total 'life' has been 10 weeks, - 2 weeks to root from clone, 5/6 veg and 2/3 flower.
    Just wondered in other peoples opinions how long before I start flusihing?
    (Im also gonna re-veg her for clones)
    The pics were taken just and ive just fed her 500ml 6.2ph water with 2 ml of bio bloom, she has been on bio bloom from day 1 of flower.

    Be great to see what you guys think of her,
    Im using 6 cfls 20w each and a 70w hps light. on 12/12...

    click each photo 3 times to get SUPER ENLARGE

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  2. Rusty Trichome

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    October 1st might be a tad soon, but it will be close. If you harvest before she's ready you'll lose yield, flavor and the effects will be 'different'.

    Why the time limit if you are continuing with re-veg and clones? Is this a homework project...? (kidding)

    Is your tapwater 6.2 from the tap, or are you adjusting it down? Nutrients tend to lower the ph further, which might pull you below acceptable range, depending on your medium.
  3. themasta09

    themasta09 Registered+

    I have an 'inspection' on 10th october so its gotta all be out for then, (then im putting her outside to reveg)

    The water is 'bottled' water which has a ph of 6.2ph.
    I could use tap or rain water as i didnt know that bio bloom would lower the ph of my water.
    could you just clarify the best option on the water for me.

    I agree time limited is a pain but i could easily do until 8th october (not mega bothered about loosing a few grams anyway, I aint a big smoker I only use it medicinally.
    (about 1/3 rd of a gram a night)

    Thanks for te reply
  4. Rusty Trichome

    Rusty Trichome Registered+

    Sorry, wife got up early so had to do my chores, lol. (I forgot to answer your flushing question)

    I flush monthly with a 1:1 ratio, if necessary. (one gallon of properly ph'd water per gallon of pot size) to release built-up nutes and salts. If plants are looking fine with growth and color, I'll just add a gallon of ph'd water to a 3 gallon pot for these monthly flushes.
    Then, I'll do a final flush between 3 days to a week (at the most) before harvest, and I flush a bit more aggressively. Like 1.5:1 or 2:1.
    Plain, ph'd water till harvest. (if necessary after the flush)

    What's your tapwater ph? If within ph range, usually tapwater is fine, but municipal water usually has chlorine, so sitting it out overnight is recommended. (the chlorine evaporates) Rain water is full of contaminates and tends to be too acidic without adjusting. (Acid rain)

    I feed twice weekly with a half-strength solution of my Fox Farms nutes. This drops my ph by .1 or so. A full-strength solution of FF drops the ph by around .2 ph points. Your nutes may vary in ph and bufferers.
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  5. themasta09

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    lol i grow missus cleans, nice n fair.

    when you say it drops by .2 sorry to be thick but like instead of 6.2ph it wud be 6.0ph or 4.2ph?
    bY THE WAY SHE DONT Seem to be 'growing' much now is this right aftr 2 weeks on flower?

    Thanks rusty
  6. Rusty Trichome

    Rusty Trichome Registered+

    Correct...if 6.2, then 6.0-ish. Perhaps down to 5.9-ish. Tiz One of the reasons I try and hit the middle mark. Minor diffenrences aren't as traumatic as long as I'm still in range.

    Most I grow start filling-in after the 4-6 week mark or so, depending on the strain, lighting, growing style and techniques used. :thumbsup:

    I'd flush a few days before harvest, but I'd delay harvest as long as possible.

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