When to use Strip NC??

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by jones2278, Sep 26, 2006.

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    Does anyone know when to use Strip NC? The directions are vague and does not specify when to use it. Do you use it right before the drug test or the night before? Or does it even work? I am 6'0 140lbs, and literally have like 4% body fat. I smoked a quarter of some fifty in the last two weeks, and before that i didnt smoke for about a month. The last time i smoked was 2 days ago and i am not smoking anymore because i am job hunting. I have been pounding water and taking niacin. I bought Strip for security. I don't know if or when i will have to take a drug test, but i need a good job so i can't chance it. If anyone has any information on this, i woud greatly appreciate it.
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    Answering my own question, and to anyone else out there wondering, i read on a website that sold Strip NC that it works within 30 minutes and lasts up to 8 hours. So, the answer is taking it on the day of the test, probably at least and hour before, or i will probably take it two hours. I have an interview tomorrow and they said they will do a pre-employment drug screen. If i take a drug test, it probably wont be until next week. I am still abstaining from smoking. If anyone has any suggestions on any other ways to pass (I have read so much on the web that i dont know what to do), PLEASE help me, I really need this job. thanks all.
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    i've used strip twice the day before and it worked. it cleans you out completely. 32 ounces of shitty fluids is worth passing a drug test
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    Thanks for the reply. i think i am going to use it about 2-5 hours before the test. I was starting to think i wasted 50 bucks. I will probably take some aspirin with it too and keep my fingers crossed. thanks again.
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    I used it before and it didn't work BUT I bought the one pill not the liquid. I took it - and yes there are no directions! - drank alot of water and waited a couple houre - and then failed the test!! However - I was told afterward that it is that think liquid stuff that actually works. I use zydot and it has worked several times.....but I have read that NC strip is good too. Just don't do the pill! Good luck.......and keep abstaining. (I am in the same boat - here's to getting through!)
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    Thanks for the reply Having Fun. I am going to continue to abstain and the job interview i had today didnt want to pay quite what i wanted, so i am going to have a little more time to get clear. Good luck to you.
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    Im 5'10 185lbs smoked 4-5times a week for about a month and a half havnt smoke for 4 weeks and took a drug test. took 2 bottles of strip nc,drank tons of water and ran. was wondering if i will pass if anyone has any ideas please post a rply.
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    Take the strip nc back and follow the dilution sticky at the top of the forum. Its more effective and will cost you little to nothing. Most detox drinks are hit and miss and require you to drink massive amounts of water. Its nothing more than dilution and does not contain any magic potion to clean or mask your thc metabolites.
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