when will medical marijuana be legal in south carolina?

Discussion in 'Legal' started by Mattruss, Jan 23, 2011.

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    i have ADD and my mom will allow me to get medical marijuana because it will help me becouse i was smoking until i got caught and they put me back on Adderal, but it doesn't help at all. i just need to know if it is legal? and if not when will it be legal?
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    Being from GA. and you in SOUTH Carolina. Were in the Bible Belt.. It will happen eventually. But,Now? No.. It is Ilegal.. keep in touch with whoever you get meds from now..:thumbsup:
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    damnn that suckkksssss:(
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    South Carolina

    hello. as you must know, laws do not change until citizens use the service of their representative. do not leave to someone else what may be better for you to do. you have a valid medical need for compassionate care, and need to contact your government employees (your Senators, Representatives, Governor) and have any one of them introduce legislation to legalize medical cannabis in South Carolina. writing a letter used to be the best course, but because of their paranoia it is difficult to get a mailing address. it is easiest to get their phone numbers, and call every one of them, and leave as complete a message as you are able, summarizing what you wish your employees to do for you. if any one returns your call, follow up in writing, and stay in contact with them. expect to be blown off by timing interfering with their agenda, but know if you patiently persist, you could make medical cannabis a reality in South Carolina. you can use the Bible belt to your advantage, as compassionate care enabling medical cannabis is religiously opposite of recreational use; and very supportive. there is a tidal wave of states legalizing medical:) why should your state be last?
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