Whens the best time to take a clone?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by kdspecial, Jul 22, 2006.

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    I am trying to set up a continous garden. I will need to incorperate excellent cloning to ensure good constant growth. I am new so I understand its gonna take a while before I get the schedual down pact. I am aiming for quick small yeilds, plant height avg 2 ft high after flowering. I wanna keep it small to try and avoid getting in shit if somone finds out.

    So im kinda guessing with my plants being small in nature they will only be 12 to 15 Inches when I start to flower them. I imagine that would be a bad time to cut a clone cuz it would hurt the small plant before the flower stage. Even if there was a clone to cut at all. Due to it growing striaght up.

    I assume its not smart to take cones during flowering cycle? Is is ideal after flowering cycle is done?

    So I need a mother plant? Could i constantly grow one along with the small plants in the Grow cycle box? and get 8 clones from it every 2 months or so? With the max height of that box being around 2.5ft?

    Any help or ideas with any question would be greatly appreciated.

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  2. UnitedParcelSecrets

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    A two foot mother isn't likely ... I say grow the Mom outside, take the cuttings inside.
  3. bongerstonerd00d

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    U.P.S. ??

    Why do you need to grow the mom outside ? You can grow it inside with 18/6, straight pH'd water, and it will do just fine. Plus, you do not need to worry about all kinds of bugs infesting the plant.

    K.D. Grow it inside, you can get your clones from your moms and once rooted you can go 12/12 and flower. It is going to take you a few grows to get the timing down. Remember, your clones take the age of the mom. But there is no need to grow a mom outside.


    P.S. Check this thread out, perfect to keep moms in,

    CHeap and eay to build. Then you have perpetual moms.
  4. UnitedParcelSecrets

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    I suggested outside because inside he's limited to 2.5', and that just doesn't seem like nearly enough.
  5. kdspecial

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    I see why you mean grow it outside due to my limited space. I guess I could train the plant to grow low and hopefully get 8 clones from it.

    But I think its looking like I will need to have a 3rd space for my mother plant so I can grow it taller for more branches for clones?

    Thanks for the help guys.

  6. Maxor420

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    My Two cents

    You know I was reading through this topic, and really started asking myself "Have they never seen the growth rate of something in a confined area?"

    If you are only looking for 8 clones every two months.... don't listen to that guy who is suggesting going outdoors, he is worrying too much! 8 clones every two months is not hard for a mother to do. Hell mine is in a 18"L x 24"W x 30"H home made grow box, lined with reflective Mylar, and is over 14" high in under a month. It has close to ten clone-able shoots that have 2-3 leaf sections below the cut zone that will sprout new shoots. I do not see why you're can't do the same.

    I'm using LED to light my box, and flower room, so I cannot tell you how many lumen's I run, as that measurement doesn't matter much when you're working with these guys, I use 80 watts of power to keep up with the 450 watt HPS guys!.... and I'm laughing all the way to the power company!

    Happy Smoking:Rasta:
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    With that much space it should be fairly simple to get usable clones out of a mother. If you just wait untill the girl get about 14 inches tall and then start bending it in half. Try getting some light to the lower branches and you should be able to get 8 clones a month. This is exactly what I did only i kept my mother in 24 hours of light. You can even clone the main stem.:thumbsup:
  8. Vancefish

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    Y'all mustn't have seen this! :D


    Quote from this article: ""Tired of huge unwieldy mothers that take up too much space? As I've shown before, a fully established bonsai mum only takes 8 inches x 8 inches."
  9. Maxor420

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    Great link! I liked that whole page from top to bottom.

    That is the direction I'm going to take my mom. She has been doing alright, easily producing 16 cuttings every two months, and recently I believe she has been cleaning out her macro nutrients, and started to slow down growth, and is looking a bit off.... can't describe it otherwise.

    I just took a new clone from my mom today, actually only minutes ago. It was the top, which I have left until now to get a good size. So now I need to let the sides grow out (I have six branches, meh... should be similar) and see how it goes! (I already have her in a 4L ice cream pail wrapped in foil tape to keep light out):Rasta:
  10. stra8outtaWeed

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    no mother!

    i don't keep mothers..and i do about 50 - 75 clones per month! if your are growing your plants in veg tke cuts from them before going into flower..i always trim my plants up taking cut from either tops of clones that are mature and ready to be transplanted or from plants gonig into the flower room....then ther is no need to keep a mother....i have found that it is easuier to keep unwanted pests away from the grow side by no using mother plants and doing what i call a perpetual grow! typically my clone trays will have 18 plants per 1020 tray and when they get tall enough i top them so just one tray gives me 18 cuttings and X 4 trays equals 72 new cuttings...pretty simple and no mom! :thumbsup:
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  11. rudy2010

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    This is my first year cloning but it has been surprisingly easy. I just get clones and as soon as they have enough growth I start cloning. They just need enough to keep growing new limbs after you take your cuttings. Each time I take cuttings the plants bush out and I can get more and more clones. I just have a small 3x3x5 box with 4 double 4 foot flourescents. I am running 18/6 with 6 25W bulbs. The mothers are doing great. All are were purchased this spring from various co-ops. Between what I found and what I have traded for I have 35 varieties. I am cloning like mad and hope to keep all 35 types going until fall when I can decide which I want to go forward with. Then I will focus on keeping healthy mothers going through the year. I plan on planting all clone mothers the 2nd or 3rd week of May.
  12. jtsik330

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    thats a pretty good idea str8 but do you grow all the same strain or do you mix it up? Also how tall are your clones when you throw them into flowEr?
  13. stra8outtaWeed

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    I grow 4 different strains that i have settled on...the one i grow the most is OG SFV...the other 3 i will grow just one or 2 plants and take a couple cuts from them before i place them in flower! I'll pit a pic up of some clones in a tray...usually akes about 2-3 weeks before i can take a cut off the top but i like them to be about 12-14 inches tall and take about 3 nodes of growth. if you look closely you can see some of the clones that have been topped...beecause some root faster i will top them to keep growth as even as possible before transplanting into my 2 gallon squares! i try to get everything to about 18-24 inches before flower :jointsmile:

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  14. LetsSeeYa

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    Damn stra8 you have a nice grow set-up:hippy:

    Iv grow bonsai trees for 15 years, so im giving the bonsai method a try this year. Iv cut most buds off and still need to re veg them. Then im going to put them out in the wild to hopefully grow into a giant bush:Rasta:
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  15. DocKgreenThumb

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    wer you get that led from n what kind/ brand is it?
  16. stra8outtaWeed

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    i run LED all the way...150w of LED= 600W MH you can skype me and I can give you all the specs on it! :thumbsup:
  17. Rusty Trichome

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    I almost always have a bonsai re-veg in my veg closet. Gives me as many clones as I can use in about 2 weeks. I like variety, so I usually replace with a new bonsai mom (different strains) every month or two.

    If you are going to take cuttings before putting mom into flower, give her a couple of weeks to recover before switching her to 12/12.
    Rooted clones should have a couple of weeks of veg time to acclimate to the soil and situation. Sure, you can put freshly rooted clones straight into flower, but actually they will benefit from a veg cycle.
  18. WashougalWonder

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    Like Str8, I have perpetual, and no mothers. I have 8 different species currently, but that is always changing as I gain better and better stock.

    I have never kept a "mother" plant. I, like Rusty, clone about 2 weeks before flower room and because of my situation, I make sure my clone took before it goes into flower room, or I would need mothers.

    It is tricky to do this and you need to have near 100% success with your clones.
  19. Rusty Trichome

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    I usually try for 12 clones, and keep the healthiest 6 for flowering. The other 6 clones are either kept vegging till the next available flowering cycle, or discarded.
  20. Higzy

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    Unless you know from experience -- Don't pretend to know it all

    That's a great way to introduce unwanted pests to your indoor grow. In other words; your advice is terrible advice.

    (Posted in 2006) = Hopefully you know this by now.

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