Where Are All the Head Shops in Raleigh-Durham?

Discussion in 'North Carolina (NC)' started by That Stoned Girl, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. That Stoned Girl

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    Hi, all -

    My hubby and I recently relocated to the Raleigh-Durham area and we don't know anyone here, and don't quite know our way around yet. We're runing out of smoking supplies (screens, and in need of a new pipe -- in other words, we're not looking for papers here), and we've been unable to find a smoke shop in the area. Searching the Internet is our only means, and as you might expect, we've been unable to find any useful links.

    So, what do you say, can you help a new resident out? Where might I find such a store in the area? Thanks in advance for your help!

    - VJ
  2. zabije cie

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    you can get pipes and such from a store near North carolina state university.

    Its called , Curious goods.

    its off of hilsboro street.

    welcome :D
  3. jsn9333

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    Yep, Curious Goods is where I get all my supplies too (pipes, screens, etc.). Good place, nice people.

    I had trouble finding it my first time around. Here's the address and a link to maps.google.com; or give them a call at (919) 834-8628 for directions.

    3010 Hillsborough St
    Raleigh, NC 27607

    maps.google.com link
    3010 Hillsborough St, Raleigh, NC - Google Maps

    They're right next to a little mini-mart type place, a little over a mile from I-440, on your left if you are going east on Hillsborough Street.
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  4. brad1028

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    yeah curious goods is cool. there is also a store right of hillsborough street called kitch that has lots of pretty nice pieces

    there are also some nice places in chapel hill such as expressions and hazmat

    if you cant find address on google PM me and i can help you out
  5. xoxo17

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    Hi :)

    i saw this post, i know im a little late but thought i would give you and anyone else reading this a heads up :)
    My fav shops in raleigh are kitsch and curious goods.. they've both got huge selections and good prices, you're bound to find what you need between the two.
    the main advice i have though is DO NOT go to smoke rings. it is the sketchiest business you will ever step foot in. i came across it one day and figured i'd pop in. everything was way over priced, i later found the same stuff at curious goods for half the price. the quality of their glass is GARBAGE. i fell in love with a bong, it was really unique and rasta colored so i gave in and spent $140 on it for my boyfriend. He had only had it for a few DAYS and it was sitting on top of a fridge and when someone open and closed the door, they heart a screaching noise. he went to pick up the bong and the top half came off of it. the glass split in a perfect ring you could run your fingers around. OBVIOUSLY it was shitty glass, because glass shouldnt break like that especially with nobody touching it. i spent the next 2 weeks trying to get someone up there to help me with it because the glass was still CLEAN so i felt like they should at least repair it or something .. when i finally got in touch with the manager he was a complete ass hole to me and my boyfriend, accused us of lying, had the worst possible attitude and would not help us out what so ever. so basically- i wasted $140 at this bullshit head shop. i will never step foot in the store again & wouldn't recommend anyone else to either.
  6. freak517

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    Hi, there's a shop in Durham, been there for ages. He has lots of interesting stuff but it is out in the country a bit. It is Robert's Country Store, 602 Sherron Rd.
  7. That Stoned Girl

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    Thank You!

    Thanks so much, everyone, for your help! I know it's been a while since I posted the original message, but I wanted to tell y'all I really appreciate the assistance!
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  8. xbps3ox

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    I need some help, i just moved to raleigh and don't know anybody. Any ideas on how i can a hook-up?:stoned:
  9. GeeBers

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    Roberts is good. No name brand stuff there but its all relatively cheap and last a good while. I bought a waterpipe there in 2002 and still have it today. Robert is an interesting guy, he just sits there and listens to a police scanner all day long.

    Curious Goods is my favorite place to go in Raleigh. Its not too far from anywhere (only a mile from the beltline; I-440) and has the best array of products. Anything from pipes, vaporizers, bongs, containers, and even some apparel.

    These are the only two I have been to recently and will probably stick to it. The people who own Curious also co-own a shop in Wilmington as well. They know what they are doing, are friendly, and willing to help out. I friend of mine bought a pipe from them three weeks ago, broke it two days later. Went back to Curious, told them the story and that we felt bad for breaking their work so we wanted to buy another. They gave us 20% off just for coming back. Anyways, I'll step off the soap-box. Hit me up for anything ele regarding the RDU area. Born and raised here.

    Oh by the way, everyone get involved with HB 1380 and HB 1383! We need MMJ.

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