where are the people here in iowa??

Discussion in 'Iowa (IA)' started by cdorm, Mar 21, 2005.

  1. cdorm

    cdorm Registered+

    just lookin for some fellow iowa smokers
  2. GooseBear

    GooseBear Registered+

    from Iowa haha real close to Cedar Rapids :) moving though this summer
  3. Epic

    Epic Registered+

    See ya then!
  4. cdorm

    cdorm Registered+

    goosebar how can i contact you?
  5. D.Boone

    D.Boone Registered+

    yo its D.Boone Here Representin The IC Iowa City
  6. D.Boone

    D.Boone Registered+

    Hows The Erb In cR?
  7. midwestmillie

    midwestmillie Registered

    I'm here, and hurting...

    This is a tough place to live for a creative pot head. I'm in the central iowa area, and am at a loss to find others safely...
  8. nuggetgirl

    nuggetgirl Registered+

    Hey yall, I thought this post was old, but now I see it's not. Hey, I'm in Iowa, a southeastern town that yall probably didn't know exist. I know how u feel midwest millie. I mean, how much corn can someone look at before going insane? Anyways, I live in Bussey. I ALWAYS have smoke. And if anyone's interested, come on over, and I'll smoke ya up. Oh yeah, I'm 21. Cya
  9. D.Boone

    D.Boone Registered+

    Hey NuggetGirl What Town in southeast Iowa do u live because ive been to a lot of small towns all over eastern iowa. i might of heard of it before.
  10. midwestmillie

    midwestmillie Registered

    I'll even be glad to give up "safely" to find some weed in central area...any ideas anyone?
  11. D.Boone

    D.Boone Registered+

    come to eastern iowa...central iowa suck
  12. InvincibleArmor79

    InvincibleArmor79 Registered+

    whatup fellow shuckkers...
    im in burlington, ia currently...
    hit me back
  13. thepiper420

    thepiper420 Registered

    im in CR iowa, lookin for some bud n whatnot, hit me back
  14. Lit Up

    Lit Up Registered+

    Northwestern iowa here forest city, thats all can say about it...
  15. mooseee

    mooseee Registered

    try living in a redneck town in northeast iowa with nothing but dirt
  16. D.Boone

    D.Boone Registered+

    try livin in iowa city with chronic nugs at your beckons call
  17. knot420

    knot420 Registered


    hey whats up d.boone im me Devoured Reality, how much u payin for an oz
  18. cracclx

    cracclx Registered+

    bump.. looking for people in CR/ IC
  19. MrMR

    MrMR Registered+

    Hey currently making a stop in dubs iowa
  20. LivegreenLovelife

    LivegreenLovelife Registered


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