Where Can I Buy Quick Fix? In A Store Preferrably

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by Ravenhood, Jun 11, 2006.

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    Where Can I Buy Quick Fix?

    Does anyone know if it is carried by any stores or headshops? I'm going to start calling local smokeshops, but I didnt know if anyone knew of any stores to have it for sale.

    I dont have time to wait for mail delivery, I just got a phone call and asked to go in to test at 9:00am.

    I guess I'd like to know where its sold online if nothing else, so I'll have it for next time... Maybe I can get them to push the test back a day or two...


    I wish I knew further in advance, but I didnt! I dont know any guys that are clean. I know some females that dont smoke, but not any males...

    Does it matter what sex the urine sample came from?
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    Sorry he is gone

    There was a guy, Bloody Red Barron, he knew all about Quick fix, he could of helped ya big time, but he got banned.I dunno where he is, sorry :(
    I believe he ordered it over the internet tho..........
  3. Ravenhood

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    I've talked to him before... He's Banned?
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    What is Quick Fix?
  5. Ravenhood

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    Store Locator To Find Places That Sell Quick Fix In Every State!

    I found a place to buy Quick Fix thanks to you!!!

    I decided to search through bloodyredbarons old posts and I found one where someone asked him the same question and he said to check out urineluck.com

    He actually said to use the store locator to find a place in your state.


    I chose florida and got a list of places but only two were close to me, I called and one place had it but was closing and the other place was open 30 more minutes... Just enough time to get there and buy it!

    Of course youd have to call them and ask to make sure they have it in stock before going to buy it, but it was easy because they gave a phone number and link to a map of the area...

    Thank you for making that comment about bloodyredbaron being able to help... HE DID! YOU DID TOO!

    I should be good to go now. I have my stuff and I have untill 9:00am tomorrow to figure out heating it and hiding it...

    Thanks Again!
  6. Ravenhood

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    Quick Fix Is Fake Pee!

    Quick Fix Is Fake Pee!

    It is synthetic urine you can use to pass a drug test. It's supposed to work for men and women and be guarenteed to pass your test as long as you make sure that it is Between like 90 and 100 degrees when you give to the people at the test place.

    I read about alot of people using it on here... about a month ago I lost my job because I failed a drug test. I used one of those Q Carbo premixed drinks... and I followed the directions to a TEE but I still failed for THC...

    I tried again this time quitting for longer and using the flush method as well as using a pill detox called omni pure and AGAIN I FAILED...

    This time around I figure I'll substitute it for something clean for sure...
  7. Ravenhood

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    This is from the urineluck.com page about quick fix

    This is from the urineluck page about quick fix

    Quick Fix
    Price: 35.00
    Quantity: 1

    The Quick Fix synthetic urine is premixed laboratory urine designed to protect your privacy during a urinary nicotine test. The Quick Fix is unisex so a male or female can use it to pass nicotine tests. To ensure passing a urinalysis, the Quick Fix contains all the ingredients normally found in urine and is balanced for pH, specific gravity, creatinine, and several other urine characteristics. The Quick Fix bottle comes with an attached temperature strip and heating pad to ensure the sample is at body temperature. The Quick Fix contains two ounces of synthetic urine as required by the DOT guidelines. If a lab demands more than two ounces, that demand is operating outside of the DOT guidelines. Request the lab record the volume of the sample before disposal and be sure to document the error.

    Product Directions:
    Heat Quick Fix in advance and simply pour contents into sample cup. Quick Fix temperature must be 90°-100°F. The Quick Fix container can be microwaved up to 10 seconds for initial heat. If the temperature remains out of range after first heating, repeat procedure (read the blue dot on temperature strip). If the bottle is out of temperature range after two heatings, cool down (over heated) and retry. Using the enclosed heater pad alone will require approximately an hour to heat to 90°-100°F (see enclosed heater pad for heating instructions). Attach heater pad with tape or rubber band to the bottle, opposite the temperature strip. The heater pad will last up to six hours. Coloration may vary from batch to batch. Shake bottle before and after heating. If unused, sample can be reheated for random usage.

    Product FAQ:
    This product cannot be shipped to residents of AR, IL, KY, OK, NJ, NC or SC.

    Product Warnings:
    As of December 1, 2003 Quick Fix formula 4.0 replaced formula 3.0. All customers holding the 3.0 product are encouraged to return the 3.0 product to Spectrum Labs for a free exchange to formula 4.0. Formula information is located on box bottom below Contents description. This product is not intended for use on lawfully administered drug tests and is to be used in accordance with all federal and state laws.
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    Click on the link below, it is 1 of the Bloody Red Barron's posts....
    I dont know why he got banned , he helped alot of people, including me!

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