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Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by wackyone, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. wackyone

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    I got injured at work, mandatory drug test and of course failed. (pot is all I have in me) I have read so many forums on how to pass a drug test that I have a headache! Most advice on products to buy are 2 years old....thus outdated.

    I have a good (clean!) friend that I can can get urine from. I plan on getting it from her as close to the pre-employment test as possible and dropping it 'down my drawers' to keep it warm. As temperature is the most important issue at this point, where can I get those temperature strips they have on their sample bottles?

    Do drug stores sell them or would I have to buy them on the internet??

    Thanks so much in advance!!!
  2. Lit Up

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    You could probably just put it by your cooch and it would work. I had my friend piss for me literally 5 minutes before I had to go and just tucked it under my balls, everything worked out fine.
  3. wackyone

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    I do plan on putting it there but I don't want to take any chance on how long it will be b4 I can actually do the test. I read one story where the place took them on a tour of the test facility beforehand!

    I just would feel much more confident knowing the temperature is between 94 and 100. I could just check the temp and be on my way...........
  4. Burnt Toast

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    Baby forehead "stick-on" thermometer strips can be found at most chain pharmacy stores.
  5. suzieque

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    I got mine at Walgreens for about $2.

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