Where to get seeds discretely?

Discussion in 'Washington (WA)' started by Arc170, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. Arc170

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    I live in Washington State and would like to get some cannabis seeds but I do not want to order online due to obvious reasons. I also do not have a MMJ card so that's not an option. I could use bag seed but no guarantee on what strain it is.

    If anyone can offer suggestions pls PM me.

  2. robz123

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    I would highly reccomend Attitude seed bank. Stealth shipping and quality product.Or so I've heard
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  3. Gatekeeper777

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    how does one go about finding a seed bank? are there links posted?
  4. DaddyzCrazy

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    Come on man...for real?

    You can obviously use a computer do a search on google and you'll be swamped, in a tenth of a second....

  5. NobleGDP

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  6. keylime

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    Don't how far away you are from Vancouver B.C. , but there's a few seed shop downtown up there.

  7. killerweed420

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    I think most people are looking for a reliable safe way to get seeds. Just be aware there is no such thing. Ask people where they have gotten there seeds and thats about the most you can do.
    Seeds are illegal so ordering them there is always a risk but its the rare incident where anyone has been busted for buying seeds. You may get a notice from the US Customs that your seeds have been confiscated and you may end up being out a few hundred bucks but usually nothing happens to the person ordering the seeds.
    Having seeds mailed to an address is not admittance of guilt of anything, its only that your address was used to get seeds.
  8. postableme

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    Sometimes there are seed bank reviews in the magazines, too. I believe I saw such in the November MMJ High Times issue. (Which is a great issue overall, btw.)
  9. postableme

    postableme Registered+

    Oh, and take a gander at the "I feel absolutely taken care of" thread here, too. Talks about a forum user happy with the customer service at the seed bank he ordered from...
  10. Gatekeeper777

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    yes anyone can Google, but link to reputable sites are appreciated.
  11. gypski

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    Hemp Depot has been mentioned by trustworthy people in other areas of this forum. I don't buy seeds. :pimp:

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