Which 400 Watt HPS is best ... ?

Discussion in 'Indoor Lighting' started by davidayer, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. davidayer

    davidayer Registered

    Hi everyone, this is my first post here. Which system is best from this website, insidesun.com

    Also, what would be the optimal room dimensions for a room using that light.

    Thanks a bunch,

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  2. Dutch Pimp

    Dutch Pimp Up in Smoke

    complete package for $109...:thumbsup:...it can veg at least 8 plants or flower 3-5 females...

    ....you will still need good ventilation
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  3. mickrick

    mickrick Registered+

    if money ain't a issue i would have this 400 Watt HPS/ Metal Halide Lumatek Digital Ballast w/ Socket.. prefer a 600 but 400 is OK..depends on what reflector you use as well..but that light would cover 1 meter square floor space..plus a didgi will burn both hps and MH..
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  4. davidayer

    davidayer Registered

    What is the best reflector type / color , etc in your opinion ?
  5. mickrick

    mickrick Registered+

    well i just bought 1 of these 1-2m-Massive-DUAL-USE-Parabolic-Reflector-HPS-CFL- which works well but i really wanted 1 of these to expensive tho,lol
    Grow Star, London / Surrey - UK - Greenfinger Hydroponics depends if you need air cooled hood or not plenty of good ones about..
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  6. mr_smith

    mr_smith Registered

    I would not recommend inside sun. Seriously man..

    If you are looking for a budget system go with htg or discount hydro
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  7. kingjustin

    kingjustin Registered+

    htg has worked out pretty great for me
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    PUSCIFER Registered

    Hello everyone just wondering if anyone has heard of or used VIRTUAL SUN they have a light kit thats about 290 u.s. not sure what the ballast is but i'm leaning towards this because of the price. other systems hood light ballast bulbs and inline fan are around 390 u.s. trying to get a flowering room set up. Need to know. I'm in research mode and learning all i can. (damn rookies) :stoned:
  9. davidayer

    davidayer Registered

    Do you mind if I ask what's wrong with inside sun ?
  10. DrGr33nthum

    DrGr33nthum Registered+

    1000bulbs.com has good deals, i just ordered some 400w MH bulbs and they were only $9 a piece! great bulbs too. they also have ballast kits that u just have to assemble, i havent done one personally but it looks pretty simple.
  11. pushit

    pushit Registered+

    Ive been using HTG for around a year without any problems. Cant really beat their prices.

    PUSCIFER Registered

    Cool thanks. I went to htg they have pretty good prices. Didnt really find much for kits on 1000bulbs.com but if I need a bulb I know where to go now. So thanks everyone. cheapest I found on htg was a kit with an inline fan added plus shipping around 301.51 not bad but virtualsun is still the cheapest I just hope they are good. Might just go with this htg website tho.:Rasta:
  13. davidayer

    davidayer Registered

    What type a reflector for the light is better, white or chrome ?

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