Which drug test will the court give me?

Discussion in 'Drug Testing' started by verysad, Dec 10, 2009.

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    I am going through divorce and I am fighting to at least get shared custody of my kids, but my ex does not want that. I do not have a lawyer and I am representing myself. During mediation, my ex presented pics of my pot plants that I used grow two years ago to the mediator saying that I grow pots around my kids, which isn't true. I assured the mediator that the pictures of my plants were taken at the time when I was legally growing it with a prescription from my doctor and I had the certificate to back it up, and my kids was nowhere near my plant because it was grown in a secure room. My ex said I no longer have prescription for it and I still smoke pot regularly, which I do, but I denied it. She had no proof to back it up so the mediator insisted if I am willing to take a drug test on the spot during the hearing to prove it. I said sure, and that is when I got myself in deep water because my court hearing is 7 days from now. I smoked a joint just about everyday and have recently stopped for two days now. I have read up on the sticky threads about detox and hair bleaching and so on, but what I am not really sure of is what kind of drug test will the court give me. Can anyone with a similar situation or now anything about courts giving drug test help me out with this? I am really scared I might loose my kids forever.
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    It will be a simple urine test, may or may not be observed, I doubt it.
    If you're a regular smoker it maybe hard to get clean by then.
    Eat a high fiber diet with metamucil, exercise as much as you can.
    3 days before UA switch to red meat high fat diet and stop exercising.
    Follow the dillution sticky the morning of the test.
    I would pickup some synthetic urine if you can and use that at the UA if its not observed.
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    Thank you so much, killerweed420. I have looked up all the sticky threads and I will follow the dilution method. Right now I am doing a lot of exercise and drinking lots of water at the moment. I hope you don't mind me asking, but what high fiber diet would you recommend?

    I know that I don't have enough time and that this has been asked so many times before, so I apologize in advance, but how long does THC takes to clear from the system? I am 5"10 and 165lbs.
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    High Fiber Foods:

    Grain Products:
    whole grain breads, buns, bagels, muffins
    breakfast cereals with at least 5 g of fiber per serving such as All Bran, Fiber One, Smart Bran, and Go Lean
    Cooked cereal such as Red River and Oat Bran
    whole-wheat pastas
    whole grains such as barley, popcorn, corn and brown rice

    dried fruits such as apricots, dates, prunes and raisins
    berries such as blackberries, blueberries, raspberries and strawberries
    oranges, apple with skin, avocado, kiwi, mango and pear


    broccoli, spinach, swiss chard, green peas and other dark green leafy vegetables
    dried peas and beans such as kidney beans, lima beans, black-eyed beans, chick peas and lentils

    Nuts and Seeds:
    nuts and seeds such as almonds, whole flaxseed and soynuts

    Using metamucil works well if you're not much a vegetable or fruit eater like me.
    Don't drink tons of fluids now. It does nothing to rid your body of thc. Just drink enough to stay hydrated from the exercise, then follow the dillution sticky the morning of the UA.
    Ridding yourself of thc varies widely among people. Anywhere from 1 day to 60 days. Its resides in your fat cells, so you have to burn off the old fat cells and replace them with new clean fat cells. Fat cells generally have a 30 day life cycle.
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    OMG... My drug test is tomorrow and I have read everything on the dilution method. Everything is already cleared to me but the only thing I forgot to ask is how many mg of aspirin am I suppose to take. Taking 4 aspirin and some more again a few hours later seems like a lot and I don't want to overdose.

    I pray to god that someone reads this tonight and give me a quick answer.I should have ask this sooner but I just realized it now because I am at wal-mart and the aspirins in various mg. Someone please help me, please!
  6. cannamanibus

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    You really should use some sort of Synthetic urin. No worries as long as the TEMP. is right.
  7. verysad

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    I thought about using the synthetic urine, but upon entering the court building, I will be thoroughly checked and even asked to remove my belt. Also I'm not even sure if my drug test will be observed or not either. The dilution method is my only possible choice I have. I've already bought some aspirin and its 81 mg. I hope I got the right one and I will let y'all know the result of my drug test after tomorrow. BTW, what will happen if I fail my drug test (I pray that it won't come to that)? I obviously know that my chances of having some custody of my kids will be unlikely, but will I get in trouble for testing positive for weed when I am no longer legally suppose to smoke it?
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    Fuck! I drank over 48oz of liquids this morning, took 6 aspirins overall and popped 10 capsule of vitamin B-complex all step-by-step. I was already to go to my hearing this morning at 8:30, but then the court called me and told me that the hearing is moved to 1:30 in the afternoon instead because my ex-wife's lawyer has court somewhere else and can't make the morning hearing. FUCK! Fuck that motherfucker! I think he is doing this on purpose to fuck with me!

    Okay I gotta calm down and think straight... If there is anyone out there that can help me, please tell me what I can still do. Can I still repeat all the dilution steps again leading up until the hour before the hearing at 1:30? Is it safe or should I just call it quit and give it all up? Right now I'm feeling really hungry but its hard to think about food when my life is practically on the line at this moment.

    Please, anyone or god, answer my prayers.
  9. verysad

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    Last Thursday, my court hearing got delayed for 5 hours and that put me in a bad situation because I was following the dilution method by the clock. Just when I thought I was about to hit rock bottom, the mediation clerk screwed up and didn't have my mediation report with her because she recently thought my hearing was set on a date that was recently moved ahead. Now my court hearing doesn't start until mid January and boy am I glad as ever! I'm certain that is plenty of time for me to clean up my system the old fashion way. By then I'll be more than 30 days clean.

    Anyways, I just wanted to thank those who did tried to help me out. I really appreciate it very much, thank you.

    As for me, I know I'll be doing okay, because my custody battle has nothing to do with me growing my medication back then. My ex is only trying to use that against me because she has nothing on me and during that time she wasn't against me on growing or having my medication. She is just pissed off because I put her dad in his place for trying to intrude into my personal life and space.

    I'll leave it at there. Thanks again everyone. Good bye!

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