Which is the best humidity and temp for my young plants?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by keeron, May 4, 2008.

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    Hiya ppl, im not gonna confuse ya so ill try to be as simple as possible. OK then, i have a grow tent and the lighting im using in the grow tent is a 250w hps lamp, and when i use this setup (the hps lamp in the tent) the temperature ranges from 85 to 95 degrees farenheit and the humidity ranges from 30 - 40%.

    But i have a box which i place inside the grow tent (when i take turns with the lighting) and ive drilled 2 holes big enuff 2 put my 15w cfls inside and the temperature in this box is 75 degrees farenheit to about 85 farenheit and the humidity is 70 - 78%. I know the temperature and humidty is more ideal as young plants like it more humid but my plants are at 6days and they look like they have been growing about 9 or 10 as ive been using the hps but im worrying about them stressing over the heat and lowish humidity so ive been taking turns with the lights and there loving it but should i just stick to the box with the cfls because ive heard that having low humdity and high temps could effect them later on (id rather b safe dan sorry)

    So could you tell me whether i should just leave them alone in the box wid the cfls(ideal humidity n temp) rather than taking turns with both cfls and hps lamps (lowish humidity, high temp).

    PEACE n thanx for reading
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    60 and 80, respectively. Huh, what? Oh I guess I'd better read more than the title.

    OK, I wouldn't be taking turns with anything unless you just like spending time with your grow. It comes down to how they grow the best. Normally you don't want to let the air temperature around the canopy to be more than 82, since transpiration can slow or stop when leaf temps rise above 80. On the other hand that HID light is some nasty powerful stuff. If the plants are growing better with that, then that's what I'd use. It takes a whole bunch of CFL to equal what HID can do. I would do everything in my power to cool the grow area more, and use HID. I like cool tubes or enclosed hoods, but that takes some construction and money.
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    95 degrees is way too hot

    here's a piece of the old Overgrow faq, and i quote :
    "What range should I maintain for my growroom humidity and temperature?
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    A humidity and temperature gauge are essential in any growroom. Daytime conditions should be 70-80 degrees without co2, 80-90 degrees with co2 until the last two weeks when daytime temps should be kept between 70-80 and co2 can be reduced to adjust for the lower metabolism. Night temperatures should be kept above 60 degrees to prevent stress. It is preferrable during flowering to have a night temperature drop of 10-20 degrees to stimulate flowering hormones and reduce stem elongation.

    I find that low humidity causes stress on plants. I recommend 50-60% humidity until the final 2 weeks of flowering. At this point, the humidity should be lowered as much as possible to encourage the plant to seal and protect itself with additional resin. (I am able to get the humidity to go as low as 31%) I have been able to frost things up considerably this way. The higher humidity levels prior to final ripening reduce salt levels within the plant tissue and encourage healthy, more lush growth."
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    the same as ...

    the same answer is available in this faq as well already
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    THANKS you 2, im gnna do wat u guys say, ill use the hid light when i get a humidifier and fan then i can control my conditions 2 get the humidity to 50-60 and lower the temp. But for now and it will only be for the next few days im gnna use the box with cfls cause it has a lower temp at about 82 farenheit max and higher humidity of 70% which is more ideal than 85 to 97 dgrees max and a humidity of 30 which is pathetic for my young plants as there no wer near flowering lol and anything above 90 dgrees is just deadly, so thanks you guysl
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    your welcome

    no problem keeron, you have a few weeks before your plants will need more intense light, i would suggest you go to this link <http://cannabis.com/faqs/> and start reading. you don't have to read everything, just enough to make yourself feel confident and to teach you that there is a source of answers you don't have to wait for, you can just look them up yourself any time you want them
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    Like I said, it's best to keep leaf temps no higher than 80. A laser thermometer works great for determining this, and since they're so cheap now I wouldn't want to be without one. Before I fixed some things my grow area was staying under 85, according to a thermometer I hung on the wall. When I got the laser thermometer I found that some parts of the canopy were staying under 80, but some spots were above 90. The only real way to know what's going on is to measure the temp of the leaves in several places.

    Now, I have heard of people growing in the attic when the temps reach 105, and they get weed. Can you do it? Yes. Will it produce weed? Yes. Will it produce something close to an optimum yield? No. If that's the only way you can do it though, it is a way to grow some weed.

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