Which t5 or t8 bulbs?

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    I have a friend who is using a T8 florescent set up that comes as a 2x36watt 1.20cm aka 4 foot.

    he installed 2 philips bulbs,
    1-Philips TL-D Super 80 Triphosphor 4' T8 36 Watt Fluorescent Tube 36W
    # 865 6500K Daylight bulb, 4 Foot Fluorescent Tube 36W 865 Daylight (Philips) 36 Watt

    2-Philips MASTER TL-D Secura 36W/840 1SL
    Cool White 4000 K
    MASTER TL-D Secura 36W/840 1SL

    Then there is this guy selling some rig that sounds outstanding, REAL RED TRUE BLUE 4' LIGHT GROW MORE THAN HPS LED mh - eBay (item 270555454807 end time Apr-21-10 20:00:22 PDT)

    So which bulbs or fixtures would people recommend for veg?
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    They all would all work well for vegging. The last one would be the best...but, would cost the most....$$$$...(I can't tell if bulbs are included?)
    It really depends on how many plants are gonna be vegged at one time?

    If 4 ft. lights are what you're looking for?...the High Output T5, 54 watt lights are still better....but, cost more...$$$

    For my purposes: I just got a HO T5 2ft. 4bulb, 24 watt fixture...($100) I haven't vegged with yet...just using it as a side light....:jointsmile:

    Shop around some more...Good Luck...enjoy your grow

    Dutch :pimp:

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    100 bucks, where did you get that, a 4x 24w HO is like having a 2x58 watter right., you even cover more area with less heat., looks great btw.

    im just looking for lights, cheapest and most effective, as for the last expensive link, which bulbs would you recommend in the t5 and t8 range?

    is their a rule of thumb to play here, like the lumens, and as for flowering, Ho t8s possible? i came across a t8 HO 2x58 w at a pet store
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    The main critical factor (aside from cost) is the lumen per watt ratio. HO T8s are not as efficient as 'regular' T8s. 2' Linear T5s are not as efficient as 3' or 4' T5s.

    For a small space, consider going with T5 biax/PL-L bulbs. They are essentially a 4' bulb folded in half (U-shape) to fit in a 2' space.
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    i want to grow vegetables using the lights, watermelons, tomatoes etc, stuff that has loads of water., so i am guessing whats enough for that is enough for the plants everyone grows here, and ill be using a 15 x 15 foot room

    so lets say i want to get cheap lights at a local store instead of some crazy over priced hydro punk chop shop, im looking at t5s and t8s.

    the set ups i can get range of normal or HO light rigs that are t5s and T8s come in size and watts configurations such as:
    2'23w, 1x or 2x or 4x
    4'36w, 1x or 2x or 4x
    6'58w, 1x or 2x or 4x
    I can get most t5 or t8 rigs that hold 2 bulbs for around 10 bucks used.
    I have the space and want to put 4xrows of flos in 3 sides, then lay a aqua tray and hand load the water to grow spinach etc, sort of the way people built racks and use the aqua trays for clones where they put the bulb as close as a inch from plants.

    So i am asking what gives the most potency, which bulbs etc, the one link from ebay shows a red and blue bulb ONLY, is that efficient or a marketing scam?
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    My understanding of fluorescent lighting grows is that t5ho should be used (high output). T8 and t12 shouldn't be used. Also HO puts out more light and VHO (some claim otherwise).

    Can anyone confirm or dispute this?

    The type of blulbs you get are important. You want to closely simulate MH and HPS bulbs in terms of wavelength. HPS runs at 2200K. Daylight MH at 5500K. Many many ppl go with all 6500K blue lights (fluorescent) throughout germ/trans/veg, coupled with 2700K warm light to promote flowering.

    All blue for germination/transplant and vegging. Red/blue mix for flowering.

    I personally want to use 6000K light, as 6500K is too close to the violet end of the spectrum (where UV does nothing for your grow), with 2200K for flower as 2700K is too close to the yellow.

    Fixtures (t5ho 42) can be had for under $100.

    Google the Gieseman Aquaflora T5 HO Lamp - 48" x 2 54w each for a total of 10,000lumens per light x 3 lights (one above, one along the both sides of grow) seems to be within -=my-= range for flowering.

    AquaticLife - T5 HO Lamp - 6000K - 48 in. - 54W x 2 each of 3 fixtures seems great for germ/trans/veg.

    When they medicalize in my state, I'll let you know. All I can do is read and talk to my buds in CA.

    Man I miss socal.:(

    Good luck with your grow.
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    Just purchased a T8 with 3 34w bulbs. 2 6500k and 1 3700k

    looks great so far, i also have my old lights surrounding the plants total of ~300w

    I was going to purchase the T5HO but they only sold 4000k bulbs so i got turned off and went with the T8. Did i make the wrong decision? They were both the same price.
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