which trichomes u harvest at

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whats the best trichome to harvest at

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  1. clear

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  2. cloudy

    13 vote(s)
  3. cloudy/amber

    32 vote(s)
  4. amber

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  1. bluntman2006

    bluntman2006 Registered+

    look at trichomes which is the best time to harvest.Its Ur personal preference.Im trying to see whats the best in quality.we know that different strains brings better results because of THC content,but this is for those who dont know the strains.Be true,you know u can get some good strains from regular old bag seeds and have great result from it.people always quote that they dont have the time or space,but growing is within it self.I will place a poll for 30 days to see what the majority prefers.replies and votes are critical for me and other newbie growers across the globe trying to perfec theyre growing expericene votes and replies will be greatly appreciated

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  2. the image reaper

    the image reaper Registered+

    I appreciate the photos you attached ... I never knew to harvest by the tri-chromes, I just went by the browning of the flower 'hairs', ...those pics will help a lot at next harvest, thanks ... :smokin:
  3. smoknjoe

    smoknjoe Registered+

    If you wait until ALL the trichomes are cloudy/amber, then you missed the peak. The trichs turn cloudy and then amber because of THC degradation. Not all trichomes peak at the same time, so when some are cloudly/amber, others are just reaching their peak.
  4. Stickyplant

    Stickyplant Registered+

    What are the differences in the highs?
  5. bluntman2006

    bluntman2006 Registered+

    seems to be cloudy/amber is the trichomes everyone prefers any other votes would be greatly appreciated:thumbsup:
  6. bluntman2006

    bluntman2006 Registered+

    whats up with everybody u dont know how to vote,vote damn it! vote
  7. betterhomesandgarden

    betterhomesandgarden Registered+

    Well, I think most people harvest on look of the plant and not the trichomes. I use a hodge podge of both look and trichomes. Its just a bitch to get a definitive look through my 9 buck RatShak scope. Anyone have a good solution for kepping the plant still when attempting to view it threw a scope.

  8. bluntman2006

    bluntman2006 Registered+

    :thumbsup: man!you telling me
  9. turtle420

    turtle420 Banned

    Well, you can snip off a piece of the plant, and them examine that on a table top.

    :confused: :confused:
  10. BlueDragonSmoke

    BlueDragonSmoke Registered+

    Just turn your fans off for a sec.....lol....
  11. bluntman2006

    bluntman2006 Registered+

  12. bluntman2006

    bluntman2006 Registered+

    seems to be cloudy and amber is the time to harvest.these is the time im going to harvest at and I will give my vote when I get the results in:thumbsup:
  13. busteruk7

    busteruk7 Registered+

    so ya can get a clear picture to look at
    cheers all
  14. BlueDragonSmoke

    BlueDragonSmoke Registered+

  15. busteruk7

    busteruk7 Registered+

    i would harvest when tricks turn cloudy/amber colour
    cheers all :)
  16. bluntman2006

    bluntman2006 Registered+

    thanks for your input:thumbsup:
  17. latewood

    latewood Banned

    once trichomes turn amber they are past their peak levels.

    I am trying to harvest just as some trichomes turn amber...So, clear to mostly cloudy is my vote.

    that choice wasn't up top
    clear-no thc, potential for thc, just an empty vessel, pretty much...

    cloudy-thc, young and vibrant
    a combination of clear and cloudy will give you more of an up high...I prefer Indica's this way, since they have more medicinal tendencie's and more potential for couchlock/body stone...Harvesting earlier gives me a sweeter high (my preference).

    amber trichome's are past their prime, but the rest of the plant is at it's most potent state; For a short period of time. the thc is degrading at this point.

    so a combination of clear/cloudy/amber trichome's is what most experienced growers shoot for. It is all a matter of preference though.

    Just remember the high the concentration of clear/cloudy/barely amber is more of an up high (strains vary this conclusion, somewhat)

    with a higher concentration of cloudy/amber is going to be more dank and painrelieving/for sleep (especially in Indica's). choose a Strong Sativa and flower it to Full potential (get stupid)

    later; And; In the words of the Immortal Donnie Baker "I gotta GO!" lw
  18. bluntman2006

    bluntman2006 Registered+

    Only 11 days left before the poll closes!! Get your votes on so everyone knows the best trichomes to harvest at.
  19. LOC NAR1958

    LOC NAR1958 Registered+

    Zandor told me to follow the tric's. I'm with latewood on this one all the way. So much good info latewood. Try it you will like it.
  20. krustythfreakinclown

    krustythfreakinclown Registered+

    My experiences:

    First, I have the book that has those photos, too.

    Now, I have harvested the first time when they were 95% clear and 5% cloudy (Nirvana's Northern Lights), and the second time when all the trichromes were clear (Nirvana's Chrystal- had to chop her early out of security concerns).

    In the second harvest, I feel like the plant doesn't quite have the potency like the first one did. Both had "up" highs, like I was shooting for. Therefore, I have concluded that you definitely want some cloudy. How much, I'm not sure how much cloudy is enough. My theory is at least 75% clear/25% cloudy. If you see amber trichromes, it's DEFINITELY time to harvest, since seeing amber trichromes will result in couchlock, which I try to avoid.

    Ultimately, it is up to you: The more amber trichromes you get, the more of a narcotic stone you get. If you have mostly clear and cloudy, you'll get a good up high with possibly some narcotic effect. If you get all clear, you'll have a complete up high, but with reduced potency.

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