Which type and how much butane do you use to make BHO?

Discussion in 'Concentrates' started by jebus2029, Aug 4, 2009.

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    When making BHO what type of butane do you use, how many times has it been refined, and how many ounces?

    Is triple refined good enough, or do I need to find a more refined one?

    I saw a 12 pack of 3 oz cans of colibri premium butane for $75. Seems pricey to me but I don't know how much it usually should go for. Plus if I need to use 3 or 4 cans I don't think it would really be worth it.
  2. jebus2029

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    Actually just google searched for it and found a forum with this:

    I found a way to test if your butane is pure or not.

    Spray a spurt on a mirror and if after it dries there is a "smelly crusty" residue it is not the type of butane you want to be using.

    The "type" of butane you want is "N-BUTANE"

    the cheap "toxic" type is "ISOBUTANE"

    some brands that are good:

    Also, here is a guide for how much butane to use with how much skuff ot bud

    Plant Material-|-Recommended amount Butane-|-Estimated Yield
    1oz High quality bud-|-12oz-|-3-6g
    1oz Average bud-|-10oz-|-2-4g
    1oz low grade bud-|-9oz-|-2-3g
    1oz high quality trim leaves-|-12oz-|-3-5g
    1oz trim & leaves-|-10oz-|-2-4g
    1oz fan leaves-|-8oz-|-1-2g

    So does this sound like it is right? I'm probably going to use some decent bud. Not top shelf but not crap either. And only an eighth or a quarter. So a can of about 3 oz would be good enough for either of those amounts right? I have always seen videos where they use a few cans and it doesn't start running out the pipe until the 2nd can.
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    If you get caught doing this say goodbye to freedom as this process is treated the same as cooking meth or processing coke/heroin.
    There is no medical defense for this process.

    Do bubblebags of hash or green dragon if you want to make concentrates.
  4. disrupt86

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    well auctually making hash or possesing it at all is a felony regardless of the method.its considerd manufactured cannabis.but for the question at hand,using butane really is a waste of time and money,plus the out come is pretty weak.u can buy great bubble hash for less than it would cost u to make it with butane,imo.
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    In order to not end up smoking residual butane in your concentrate, you need to have a deep understanding of chemistry. I highly recommend you do not proceed without proper knowledge. It can seem to be really good, but the butane will get you high as well. This is very harmful.:eek:
  6. jimb80

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    There really is no reason for the amatuer to concentrate cannabis using butane. As mentioned above it really is terrible for your health to smoke any butane residue. Why not keep the process natural. Take advatage of the fact that THC isn't water soluable and buy or make some bubble bags. You can always press it up afterwards to change its texture/consistency.
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    Well first off I don't have access to hash and there is never much bud around. So I can't just run down to a dispensary and re-up. I was just looking for the amount to use. I have done plenty of research but have seen all different amounts of butane being used and didn't want to waste my money. I also am not going to buy bags to process a quarter. I just wanted to experiment with this and see if I liked it.
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    i use pure ether myself only takes a little bit i learned it from an old hippie that
    use to my real opiated thai sticks ether evaporates 99.9% and leaves no residue
    but have fun finding some he gave me a quart jar full 8 years ago and it's still
    75% full imo it's the only way and it will extract all of the thc in seconds
  9. MadSativa

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    the BHO mirror test is a good one, also colibree is good, I would use no less than 3x refined(5 and 7 times refined are available), and if your looking just to try then yeah its costly, as far as how much your gonna use depends a big deal on your extractor, the bud or shake, but allot on the extractor. I recommend okeif BHO extractors since their cheep and very good. and if your gonna make bho it is cheaper to buy your butane in bulk so you pay more like 3 or 4 dollars a can and not 12-15 a can, but you have to buy allot like 300 bucks worth. now if your just trying some bho, remember even a test batch your gonna need like 5 grams or more of raw buds to get like 5 or 6 hits, maybe more maybe less. and your also gonna need a special design of extractor, those okeif ones dont work properly if you just use a little bit, the butane just goes around the bud, so if you wanna try it is easier to get some at a cannabis club, or your gonna spend allot.

    remember the more refined the more pure the product, butane can have all kinds of impurities in it so a well refined butane is important. as well as knowing what your doing, the evap process is very improtant.
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    Are you sure? Cuz the dispensary I go to sells hash...

    Regarding BHO, I dunno... after reading about all those methods and even trying a few, I realized, why not just vape pot? You have clean heat plus plain vegetable matter, and you don't have to worry about chemicals.
  11. ForgetClassC

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    LOL, its not the method, its the action of MAKING it. Using Bubblebags and green dragon are just as illegal, taking a substance, making it more concentrated and in an easy to transport/have form.

    Again, not the process, just the act.

  12. MadSativa

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    Hash is medicine just like herb, it can be better medicine because it is concentrated it is PURE. In fact if you look up RICK SIMPSON he is using a type of hash as a cure for cancer and many other things. This is the Cure the medical Field needs to look into, PURE THC or hashish, believe it or not you can not over dose from cannabis no matter how concentrated of a hash you get, you would have to have about 50 pounds of good hash and drop it from about 50 feet on your head for cannabis to be lethal. about half of that for a child, you will not die from cannabis. there are supposed to be cases of allergic reactions but allot of those are allergic to smoke not cannabis, I have heard nothing of allergic reactions from eating or vapin etc.? but I could be wrong of coarse.

    I will tell you one thing when I'm in pain from a kidney stone hash is better than opiates the Dr's prescribe, and its quicker its almost instant. a bong toke or probley a few then a nice brownie or cake of a good hash and I am set for hours,
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  13. jebus2029

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    Yeah, I've seen a few videos and articles about Rick and his foundation. I think he uses naptha (might have the name wrong) as a solvent, but you have to buy it in 45 gal. barrels. It comes out like black tar from that solvent, but he swears by it. Supposedly he has cured dozens of people who had terminal cancer.
  14. MadSativa

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    yeah he uses naptha, that is what I was wondering if his impurities in his oil is help full or just by product, caseu in BHO their is no impurities, that is why they call it honey oil because of its pure look to it, nothing but clean tricomes

    in the hands of a good oil maker, the product is even amazing to look at , when considering most hash made from the same palnt is black or brown, and the oil is golden or even like a platinum gold color, in other words the color has a luster to it, it is very nice
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    It is legal here. I use 4X Lucienne in 300 ml cans, which I buy for ~$150 per 72 can six pack.

    Jar was sloshed before cooling to show color.


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  16. Gemdaddy54

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    Butanae to use 5X purification

    I would use Vector..it's 5X purified and is the bomb..Works well. 5 bucks a can
  17. funkfingers

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    all that and only two people give him a real anwser??

    Use nothing less than 5x refined butane..Vector is 5x there is a another one called lava that is 7x more expensive higher quality..BE safe ...no open flames..
  18. yedmundi

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    Do it right! Don't vent your butane into the atmosphere!

    Dudes! Don't use extraction methods that vent butane and other toxic greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.

    Butane and other solvents can be reclaimed and reused, being re-purified each time you use them.

    40 years ago when I learned how to make hash oil the first time, you had to purify your solvent first. Starting with coleman lantern fuel, which is nearly 100% naphtha, you distil the naphtha several times to get the impurities out. The clean naphtha was used to dissolve hash bricks (or used to extract resins from dried plants). The loaded naphtha is then filtered to remove solids, then run through a distillation process again, reclaiming the naphtha, and yielding your hash oil. The downside is cooking the hash oil to remove the naphtha.

    Using butane is a cooler process, instead of heat being used in distillation, you use a freon recovery system to vacuum distil the butane to recover it. You will need to warm the product/butane mixture vessel to speed the process, but the temperature of the product doesn't need to be above room temperature. This yields a fresh unaltered product, and a full-recovery of your butane.... You also get a more complete extraction because you can use a lot more solvent, and get every bit of oil out of the feedstock.

    You can try different solvents, even non-toxic solvents like grain alcohol. But don't vent your solvents into the air! It is a lot more work, but it is the RIGHT way to do it!
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  19. blizzity

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    I'm a Colibri man, all the way, though Newport and Lucienne bench very well as well. I've been picking up from butanesource.com lately, and they have just about every major brand out there. ^^^ enjoyed the last post about hash oil extractions from yester-year. As some other folks said you want to start with at least a 5x refined butane but in the end it's all about the purge... a higher quality butane will boil off 99% at room temp, or a little warmer, but you really need a vacuum purge of some sorts to get the best product. Folks will argue for days over which brand gives you the best flavor/results so I suggest you just try a few different ones and go with what you personally find to be your best.

    Happy extractin!

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