Which type of weed do they like in U.S

Discussion in 'Netherlands' started by Dampkring, May 10, 2007.

  1. Dampkring

    Dampkring Registered

    What type of weed do you guys like in U.S ?:D
  2. CityOfThunder

    CityOfThunder Registered

    Haha, vague, but I'll bite... To answer your question, most of the time, anything that does the job and isn't some filthy schwag (brown frown) will do the trick. As for particular strains, just about anything that has a name and was well cared for will be accepted as "high-grade".

    Personally, I love white widow. It does really well in a DWC and produces some of the stoniest bud you'll ever smoke. But the waiting for harvest... OH god, the waiting... :(
  3. Dampkring

    Dampkring Registered

    If you ever come to Amsterdam try the NYC diesel .
    Its the best you ever smoked hahahahahahhahah:thumbsup:
  4. skigreen

    skigreen Registered

    Dampkring, boy do I miss that place. I lived in A'dam for a couple years back in 2003-05 and spent most of my days between Dampkring and Grey Area. Back in the States, at least here in California (since the opening of med. dispensaries) we do enjoy a wide range of quality herbs, from Humboldt and Medoncino outdoors to various indoor strains, including Kush's, AK's, Haze's, etc. As for myself, I enjoy the various Haze's and Kush's, expecially Silver Haze and Afghan Kush.
  5. Enemy of Real1ty

    Enemy of Real1ty Registered+

    I'm a fan of Sour D, AK 48, and what they call G 13 here, all in all, if its not top quality, i turn it into capsules, food, or oil/butter
  6. 8182KSKUSH

    8182KSKUSH Registered+

    "That indo, only in Cali grown, and they got phat sacks in the valley joe" Mac Dre
    Gotta love California, gotta love the kush. Good Blueberry is my favorite sativa as well, there is such a great variety! Any topshelf is impassable to pass up!
  7. KillerDemo

    KillerDemo Registered+

    i love mac dre!!! cali reppin here too....i cant vouch for the rest of the the usa, but everybody is cali loves dat purple!!!
  8. killerweed420

    killerweed420 Registered+

    Real stinky sticky shit.

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