white dusty mold on leaves. any suggestions?

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by dankisdank, Mar 22, 2010.

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    found white dusty mold on one plant one day took infected branches/sun leafs out and checked other plants for the mold. its been 3 days now and every morning i find it on new plants. used this serinade spray that smells like douche and it really hasnt done anything but stink up my plants, alot of the ones affected are in week 3-6 of flowering, any suggestion on foggers that actually work or anything? gonna try baking soda and water today but need some advice.thanks
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    There are commercial agents that will kill Powdery Mildew pretty easily, but I don't like to smoke that. I've had luck with an insecticidal soap (Safer) spray make sure to get under the leaves as well. Wait until dried and spray with water with a couple of drops of plain dish soap (no bleach additives) and now since off with plain water using a plastic sheet or tarp to keep too much of the Safer out of the soil.
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    Its all about the Neem

    Try Neem II (that's Neem 2). I got mine from the local hardware store. I sprayed once 2 months ago, and it worked great on the white stuff.

    Its made by Green Light and its ready-to-use. $8.99 I think. Safe for vegtables, etc......
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    What you need to do is once your stuff in the flowering room is done. Take out all mothers and clones to a makeshift shelter and spray your whole grow room with bleach water or else your going to get it again and again. Also make sure you got enough air movement and circulation
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    think i got it under control now, went through yesterday and spot hit all the mold with serinade (ready to use mold stuff bought at my local grow store) that and i wiped down all my walls and floor and bought 2 sulfer burners, was told that they would keep the mold away if i used them once a week

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