White House: Trump will step up marijuana law enforcement

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  1. emilya

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    no, the opiate crisis is primarily in Missouri because we are not on the national prescription database. Because of this there are multiple cases of people with multiple prescriptions, selling the legally obtained medications on the black market.
  2. Buck Rogers420

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    Spicer insinuated that the opiate addiction crisis in the US was caused by legalized cannabis.
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  3. emilya

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    So if you listen very carefully, Spicer did not say that opiate addiction crisis was caused by the legalized cannabis, he said the two issues are being treated in the same way by the new administration. He was also alluding to the fact that when you have legal areas surrounded by illegal states you have the new problem as to what happens when the products cross state lines. Anywhere there is legal, the states next door get hit with almost uncontrollable illegal contraband problem, sort of like the opiate problem that is exported from states not on the database, like Missouri. Missouri is a good example of the cannabis problem when seen from the viewpoints of law enforcement and the pharmaceutical business. Missouri is surrounded by several states with legalization in one form or another, and if you go two states away there are many more. The problem is that it is an easy drive for Missourians to procure and transport commodities that are illegal in their state and bring them back home for huge profit, and detriment to the local pharmaceutical business. This is what Spicer is talking about as far as regulation and enforcement... and until they figure out what to do with stoned driving and how to better detect it going across state lines, this is going to continue to be an issue.
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    :jawdrop: REALLY
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    Larry is a problem that could be kept out of our forums if some common sense safeguards were put into place. 90% of the Larrys could be eliminated by restricting all new members to post first in an introductory forum, and for these prospective members to have to achieve some small level of peer review, ie 3 positive ratings or some similar system, before they could be allowed to post to the general forum areas. That is how I would do it anyway... not sure what management here has in mind.
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    Geez, You'd think the guy put ketchup on steak, or something... :eek:
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    States that legalized the mj have produced and will produce more jobs. Trump think wisely.
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