White Powder Mold and Bud Rot.

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by oldhaole, Feb 16, 2010.

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    I live on Maui. The climate here is rather odd. We have sunny mornings. By noon the clouds form. Late afternoon we may have a drizzle or even a good rain. At night a cold wind blows down the mountain. By morning dew is everywhere.
    I grow outside. I have no problems until the buds begin. A white powder mold grows on the small leaves next to the buds. Right now I use a baking soda /water/ drop of liquid soap mixture to keep in in check.
    If we have our normal above weather for a week a bud will wilt and die. The stem will turn grey. The rot will continue to spread and eventualy kill the branch. I keep it as slow as I can with alchohol on the grey stuff.
    I know humidity is the cause of these problems. My short season (winter) has more mold and rot than my long season.
    I have three questions for the experts;

    1) How do you deal with the white mold?

    2) Same question about the rot.

    3) Are there any strains that are more resistant to rot and mold?

    I have noticed that some of my plant have no problems while others just get trashed. If you live in a wet area let me know what strains you use.

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    Are you covering the plants? If the area is getting damp alot, i would try to find something to keep the plants out of that element. Especially when flowering. Also, I believe if they are being overwatered or sitting in still water that can cause powdered mold also.

    I was some growing some querkly indoor and the water wasn't draining properly....by sitting in the still water, my plants starting getting powdered mold all over. I wasn't even sure what it was at first. Had to completely toss one plant and it pretty much ruined 2 others (barely pulled a 1/2 oz off of 2 plants)
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    Right now is our short season. They are all in 2 gal. pots (sunshine #3) so I put them under the roof overhang each night. I have also brought them inside at night and it seemed to get more rot spots in the house than under the eaves. I wait until the shade leaves start to droop and give them very little water.

    November I went out and got legal. This long season I will be for the first time be able to sky them and not worry about Green Harvest. Those will be in the ground thus immobile. Right now I am torn between planting the new crop at an angle and tying it down so I can cover at night (but they will be closer to the damp ground) or not topping them at all and let them get tall.
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    Might have a clue.

    Aloha from da Beeg Guy's Land!:)

    I have a strain that attracts powdery mildew.
    Had a girl in da weed kennel and noticed that the infection starts at the bottom and moves up the plant.
    Makes sense, coolair come down from da mountain.
    It comes from a wetter place and it hugs the ground.
    So put that strain up on the lanai.
    'Bout 8' off the ground.
    That didn't stop it completely, but it gets around 10% of what the grounded gals had.

    Don't prove nothin.
    I still see PM on coconut palms 40' off the ground.
    But it did seem to help.
    I say let 'em get tall, and give them lots of breeze.

    It's very strain related.
    I bred for indoor girls and got a led loving fat-bud strain that I can't grow outdoors.
    She seems to have lost all natural resistance to PM.:(

    I have two other strains that never get PM.
    Sativa doms do well from my very small sample test.
    Thai weed seems to be immune.

    I'll keep ratting about ovah heah and see what other conclusion I can take a flying leap at.:D

    Malama da Aina

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    Aloha from your small neighbor northeast of you.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply. I think you hit the nail on the head. Some strains are more just more resistant than others. Since we are in an El Nino year we are very dry. I know you on the Big Island are in the same boat. If it stays dry the mold and rot will not be too much of a problem this year.

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