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Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by GanjaBabe06, Oct 8, 2009.

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    On a couple of my plants, small see through white spots have appeared on the top leaves. I looked for spider mites and could not find any. Anyone know what this is or what I can do about it? The very bottom leaf on some plants is yellow and wilted also.

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    I found really small, black dots on the underside of the leaves where the white spots are concentrated. They are barely visible to the eye with a magnifying glass and as far as I can tell, the black dots don't move.:(
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    I had the exact same problem growing outdoors in Hawaii, and I just made a solution of neem oil concentrate (like a tablespoon per gallon) and water.

    If you wanna make this spray, you should add a little dish soap as an emulsifier, like a teaspoon per gallon... Then you just put it in a spray bottle and foliar feed in the late afternoon about once a week.

    At least for me, the spots went away soon after starting, but I never got rid of the white spots.

    Hope this helps,

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    You got Spider mites mate, Best to do battle with them now before you are half way threw flower and have to accept a petty defeat(Buds/yeild). They breed pretty quick and when there is allot of them its hard to control and rid yourself from them.

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    Thanks. I ended up finding extremely small, reddish mites today. I bought some Fruit & Vegetable insect killer that is organic and hope that it will work. :)

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