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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by loosewheel, Mar 13, 2006.

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    Hi all .. First time grower.. Buddy gave me his 10 week old plant and is 26inches tall... Picture would be nice to show but no camera as of yet.

    One thing I noticed is that all new shoots have white tips .. Fan leaves are in sets of 5 leaves.. He started this plant out as a seed.

    My question is .... Should all new shoots have white tips... Is this a characteristic of what type of strain it is...Is the reason for 5 tips because of lighting.. He had the plant under daylight and at night put under 150Watt household bulb... How should I take care of this baby.. Very healthy looking to me..

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    A normal house hold bulb? 10 weeks is ages for it to grow, and how many sets of fan leaves has it got? How far spaced are the internodes. Noemal bulbs dont grow plants. They killl them. It might have come out allright, but i highly doubt it.
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    "normal house bulb"

    will do nothing for your plant except keep it warm...

    GET a Compact Fluorescent BULB ASAP... 150watt..

    : )

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