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Discussion in 'Basic Growing' started by ckitsker, Apr 30, 2006.

  1. ckitsker

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    can you guys help explain y my plant is starting to get white tips on the end of each leaf? one of my frineds told me it might be over hydration, but i just wanted to get a second opinion
  2. Jdog7000

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    It is probably that or over feeding.
    If you have been feeding it alot it could be that. Try a flush with plain phed water. And only water them when the soil is real light in wieght.
    Or when the plants need it.Obviously. But you don't want to water it if it doesn't need it.
  3. DoctorFeelGood

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    What kind of grow? Soil or Hydro?
    What type of light system and what wattage?
    Usually over watering will show as curled leaves which turn a yellow color.
    Usually Tip Yellow/Whitening is from over feeding nutrients, its a sign the plant is at its maximum intake and cant take anymore.
    It can also be cause by lights if close to the tips but you can usually tell if thats the case. If its not the lights I would do as /\/\/\/\ said and flush then only water for a week. Be careful on mixing nutes to much is never better.
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    Grow questions should not be in the lounge, you would get more answers in the grow threads.

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