White web/mold looking substance on buds

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by markjames1503, Jan 13, 2010.

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    Hello again -

    So I am in the 3-4 weeks of flowering and my buds are starting to get covered with a white web like looking matter. I thought it was mold or spider mites, however the plant that is the worst, does not have any bugs on it. No plants have spots on the leaves so it is hard to identify.
    I know humidity and temperature changes are necessary to fix mites or mold, however I need to know which is which before I can make a decision on what route to take!
    I am trying to get pictures up - Could the white substance be webs from spider mites? or is it mold? How can I tell?
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    So after talking to ppl at the hydroponics store, im lead to believe that it is powdery mildew - due to the fact that it has been very humid in my room - about 65, and it was at 70. I am going to get a dehumidifier and I sprayed with some stuff that is suppose to kill powdery mildew. I'm hoping that will work. I'm worried that I might not be well ventilated. I have a window in the room, an oscilating fan and a space heater (to keep more dry than humid). I haven't opened the window because I am nervous.

    Any recommendations? I still have these tiny bugs on the plants and some black ones in the roots, some have wings. UGH!!! My buds look beautiful though! I'm so lost! please helP!
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    sorry to hear... but to be so far into flowering if i were you i would deffinitly open that window and try to keep the humidtiy under 40%...

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