White Widow Harvest in 45 days?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by HuntleyD827, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. HuntleyD827

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    Does anyone know what could cause accelerated growth as far as the number of days til harvest? All the hairs are red, and leaf and bud alike are laden with resin in 45 days or less. Buzz is cerebral and divine, but if a few more days would be even better, I'm open to advice. Thanks.
  2. Dutch Pimp

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    Try the 5-10% amber (trichomes) next time...:stoned:
  3. stinkyattic

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    Red hairs means little, and often indicates that your room is running too hot.
    Amber TRICHOMES is the key. 45 days on a 4 week strain is going to miss out on the bulk of your yield...
  4. HuntleyD827

    HuntleyD827 Registered+

    Wow, if it's this good now... Thanks folks!
  5. Puffzter

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    45 days since u flipped to 12/12 or since flowering started?

    Well in either case they wont be ready yet but in 1½-3 weeks they will be under normal circumstances.

    As stated earlier there is nothing else that will tell you when your plants are done than a trichonome check. Get something so you can watch the buds with 30-100 times magnification and look at them. Only way.

    If you harvest now you will get trippy weed I am sure but much less of it and not as potent as if you wait until the plants are done and since you have put in the effort why not wait it out and get it right? :Rasta:

  6. HuntleyD827

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    45 days since I flipped to 12/12.
  7. grey1223

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    Unusual for WW to stop producing pistils and looking done at 45 days. What do the leaves look like?
  8. edward420

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    45 days? from the start of flowering or from seedling? I have been growing 3 females, have been in the 12 hr on 12 hr off stage for 42 days. they are definitely not ready. I had them in 18 on and 6 off for about 35 days before. I am using T5's (4x48).
  9. edward420

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    I would be grateful for any info on how long ww usually take till harvest time. My first attempt had fatal heat stroke just 3 weeks into flowering, so this is my first real harvest. The flowers seem very healthy with nice looking buds forming. I've followed foxfarm's feeding regimen.
  10. phatsesh101

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    ww looks great all resiny, for me its eight weeks and before any amber trichs cause once them trichs start to turn amber youll be locked to the couch
    my last harvest went a week over (forgot to flush) maybe 10% amber and an hour after smoking i was asleep even if i just woke
    stress causes pistols to turn red faster although its still growing and its most often a heat issue
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