White Widow harvest

Discussion in 'Cannabis Pictures' started by Mainely Growing Weed, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. Mainely Growing Weed

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    Here are a couple of pictures from my latest harvest. I pulled 4 white widows no idea how much yet as it's not dry but my guesstamate would be around 8 ounces. Next harvest- 5 weeks and I'll have 2 more widows, a "duck-foot"(local weed here in Maine looks like a ruderalis cross and it would be great for an outdoor stealth as it doesn't even look like weed) and a OG Skunk DSCN9997 (1024x768).jpg DSCN9998 (2) (1024x768).jpg I would have taken some after trim pictures but we got high before trimming and I forgot (D'oh). Had to break up a few tops as I thought they were too big to dry that way.
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  2. giggletwig

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    Very nice! I have a widow just going into flower. Hope she does as well!
  3. 32yrslater

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    An indoor grow? Looks like a great harvest.
  4. Mainely Growing Weed

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    Yes indoor grow in soil.
  5. Mainely Growing Weed

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    Drying is complete I got 12 oz. from 4 plants in a total clone to kill time of 18 weeks
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  6. Esteban1

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    Nice job. drying method?

  7. Mainely Growing Weed

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    Dried in 6x 24" hanging nets for about 12 days the humidity was very high till day 11 and 12. Still haven't smoked any I have it curing in jars now.
  8. Esteban1

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    Sweet, dried using the same method. Air dry x 2 weeks then placed in ball jars. If ya could crank up the a/c to decrease humidity levels they will dry ore efficiently as well as decreasing the possibility of mold etc. It does take 3-6 months to properly cure! My last grow has been mellowing in ball jars for 10 months now & the aromatics only get better with time, kinda like a fine wine.


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