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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by razzapiggy, Nov 29, 2008.

  1. razzapiggy

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    Never grown WW before... my ceilings are 7.75 feet tall, but due to the resi, light, space in between lights, tables etc I only have 3.25-3.5 feet of available vertical growth. Have you grown WW that small and how was your yield? I am looking for 1 pound per 4X4 area, under 1000 watt lamps.

    I have been told they double in height during flower and get a bit branchy... seems from researching on the net that's one of two of the Phenotypes - the other being one cola short compact plants.

    Anyhow, I can rip out the tables in there and set up a new irrigation system, but it would be easier this way... I need to decide within a few days. Tell me about your WW - where did you flower? Where did they end up? What was your yield? Lights?

  2. dooobster

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    I grew a WW. I too had heard that they stretched a lot and got branchy, so, being that I grow in a 2 X 2 X 4' high cabinet, I was a little worried. I decided on a short veg of only 2.5 weeks, and no LST or topping.
    Here's what I ended up with.. Grown under a 400 HPS from start to finish.
    She weighed 1.5oz dry. Killer smoke though! :D

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  3. razzapiggy

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    Smoke looks great my friend, good work!

    How tall was she when you flowered her and where did she end up?

    Appears you had other phenotypes involved with your WW... I was told these become much more branchy than what I'm seeing from your plant - but the same type of dense power packed nugs!

    Awesome work!
  4. razzapiggy

    razzapiggy Registered+

    Oops, too stoned to read.. you answered most of my questions in your original post besides how big the containers are>
  5. Dutch Pimp

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    I love the white widow....:thumbsup:

    2 plants, 10 inch pots, about 4.5ft tall (in the pot), no LST, no triming. 400 watt CMH.

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  6. razzapiggy

    razzapiggy Registered+

    Dutch... how long did you veg? How tall were they when you flowered? How was the yield?

    Does this bitch like to be topped?
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  7. Dutch Pimp

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    1. 30 days veg, unless they show, preflowers sooner..(the short one of these did)...about 12-15 inches tall at start of flowering. The taller one didn't show it's sex; until 10 days into 12/12 cycle...Go figure?

    2. The yield is in the jars...I have no interest in weight...(350-500 gm?) only volume...(I like it loud....:rastabanna:..)

    3. I don't top plants. I just like the way they look, naturally.
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  8. razzapiggy

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    Daaaaaamn, you flowered at 12-15 inches and they ended up 60+ inches!?

    That's effin nuts. 4X their height in flower?
  9. PlainJane

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    If I have not cocked up my maths, I am on day 42 of flower and my tallest white widow is about 55" tall, under a 250w HPS, regular pot ups, BioBizz nutes and no training or topping. I put them into 12/12 when they were about 6 weeks from seed; they were maybe about a foot and a half tall. The others are not that far behind my tall girl, including the one that I topped. You can take a browse through my grow log, I have loads of photos if you are curious.

    I would allow for about 3x their growth for flower. I think White Widows respond well to supercropping, so if you get yourself into a bind with space in the first few weeks of flower (when you see the truly insane rate of growth) you can bend the stem over and they tolerate the cruelty for it. They are good plants. :jointsmile:
  10. wman44

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    i scrogged a white widow last harvest, she was intended to go outside so she had been vegging for about 2 months without any training. i decided to see what she would do inside under a 250hps. she was a long and lanky specimen and around 36 inches when i decided to bend her over and train her through a scrog, after placing the screen i vegged for another week and switched to flower, so that was 67 days of veg. she matured in a one gallon grow bag and was fed bio-bloom and high doses of budswel, i have heard that ww doesnt like high nute levels but this one loved it, i harvested about 50-60 grams of super high grade bud offa that girl and it was dense as shit too, im glad i still have some seeds laying around.
    oh by the way i got the beans from nirvana. i've heard that nirvana's ww tends to lean toward the lanky side
  11. razzapiggy

    razzapiggy Registered+

    how much vertical growth can you "cancel" out so to speak by bending them over? 6-7 inches probably?
  12. mickeybuddaboy

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    depends on how big your grow area is:stoned:
  13. PlainJane

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    That sounds about right. When they start healing and begin to perk back up you can bend them again if you are very cramped for space. Puffzter had to do that with one of his white widows and it tolerated growing in a Z shape.
  14. reloadagain

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    Oh boy..............I'm in 11 days flowering and my biggest lady is 61" off the ground ( no table ).I suppose I'll do what worked last time, a touch of string bout 7 inches down from the top, tie ( loose ) around the middle secure it loose and keep your eyes on it and move the string around as not to cut into the stalk. That buys me around a foot, then adjust as needed. Your crop will be fine!

    Also, CANNABOOST does work! I know in Canada it is EXPENSIVE ( $120.00 per Ltr or, $40.00 per 250 ml ) However, you get what you pay for!

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  15. MedicineMan13

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    Wow 3x - 4x their height during flowering. That is sick! I have this one unknown strain (65 Day flower) that was about 1 1/2 feet when i flowered and now 30 days into flowering it is only 2 1/2 feet tall. Don't think she'll grow much taller just branch out.
  16. natrensland

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    white widow that smells like peaches

    i have a white widow plant thats about 6ft know 35 days into flowing and it reaks of peaches. thats right it smells like a peach farm. any idies??????
  17. WashougalWonder

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    This should really screw up this thread.

    I have essentially 3 different "White Widows." The one I will call the original, was given to me, I was told it was from the original line.
    I have another that I took a nanner off the above and crossed with itself to feminize it. I call this Washougal Widow.
    I have another that I bought from a very unreputable seed seller, and finally got one...just one real female. It is called "New White Widow"

    Now of the latter I am only 21 days into flower. I put it in the flower room at one foot height. It, now is 6 feet and I have been doing the bending the main cola for a week. It is growing 6" per day, faster than anything I have ever seen. It should be at the end of the growth spurt now or soon. No idea if the weed is good or not. Very skinny lanky plant.

    The original, I let grow to about 14" in veg then to flower. That plant grows to 5 foot in the flower room. I do trim the top one time in veg to get two main colas. Awesome stuff.

    The Washougal Widow, mind you a fem cross of the above, has a totally different phenotype. It grows like an indica. I get it to about 16 in the veg room and it maybe goes 3 feet, but is very dense, huge cola, kick ass as good or better than the mother....

    Both of the latter two are terribly difficult to clone compared to other species I have.

    So, the New White Widow, I am really keeping the babies trimmed way back, and plan on putting in the flower room at 6 inches and see what happens.

    For me it is all a juggling act, I have sativa dom, indica dom, mixes, I keep the light the same height and adjust the pot height to have a canopy a foot or so under the 1000
  18. RoundEye

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    This comment interests me a great deal. Can you elaborate on preflowers? What do you do differently if plants are showing flowers before you go 12/12? As much as I've read, I've never heard anyone comment on this, every one of my grows shows flowers at about 4 weeks of veg.

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