White Widow on 28 days flower

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by byrdog55, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. byrdog55

    byrdog55 Registered+

    I am happy so far with this grow which I started from Ministry of Cannabis seeds. Stretching has stopped and the buds are starting to fill out. They are definitely getting white too! :thumbsup:

    I've been following Latewood's Legacy nutrient schedule

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  2. LOC NAR on probation

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    Looking good. You got alot of trichomes going on for 28 days into flower.
    Widow is next on my list.
  3. byrdog55

    byrdog55 Registered+

    Thanks Loc Nar.

    I am using a AgroSun 400 watt MH so I think that is helping the trichomes. This light seems to have a good yellow spectrum for a halide but I've added a couple 2700k compact fluorescents to help get a little more.

    I can't wait to see what happens when I add the KoolBloom.
  4. byrdog55

    byrdog55 Registered+

    What should I do with the trim?

    I am considering what to do with the trim covered with trichomes. How much do you need to make hash with?
  5. SAP420

    SAP420 Registered+

    dude.. she looks delicious! I bet she smells amazing already! :thumbsup: As far as making hash, it takes a shitload of trim to make it. But maybe not with white widow because those leaves look super coated in trichomes. You can make hash so many different ways. My favorite is using a blender with ice and a silk screen. Anyhow I will be following this to see how she finishes.
  6. JayJayW

    JayJayW Registered+

    thats one beautiful looking kid you got there.
  7. byrdog55

    byrdog55 Registered+

    Thanks dude,

    She does smell good. Thankfully I have a 450cfm fan in the closet exhausting the air directly outside from under the house. I still need an ozone G to keep the smell down in the room with the closet All of those cola sites in the first picture are from one plant. I did not fim or top the girl. I just let her veg for 6 1/2 weeks and by the time I changed the lights to 12/12 she was showing her sex all over the place.
  8. bluntman2006

    bluntman2006 Registered+

    just have ask what breeder did the ww come from looks nice,thanks
  9. byrdog55

    byrdog55 Registered+

    Hey thanks bluntman2006,

    I'm glad a got a good clone of her before she started flowering.

  10. byrdog55

    byrdog55 Registered+

    54 days on the final flush.

    Can't wait to cut these ladies down. All of these cola sites are from one plant!

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  11. jakester

    jakester Registered+

    That's ....wow.

    Why do you have em tied back? Less light late in the cycle+cooler temps?
  12. LimeGreen

    LimeGreen Registered

    wow man! thats awsome. What nutes r u using:thumbsup:
  13. byrdog55

    byrdog55 Registered+

    They are too heavy to support themselves
  14. byrdog55

    byrdog55 Registered+

    Thanks. I am following Latewood's Legacy....at the top of this forum. This is my second grow (first one in 8 years) so I looked for an easy nute schedule and I think that I got some good results.
  15. MasterKushy

    MasterKushy Registered+

    Totally awesome, nice work! :thumbsup:
  16. byrdog55

    byrdog55 Registered+

    I know this is an old post but I just pulled out my camera again (shame on me) and found this pic. These are the larger of the colas I chopped off of the 2 plants that I grew. I started a new grow recently, this time one white widow, a strain called carnival and a new one I found called iPot. I hope to have better results this time. I made some minor tweaks to my setup and now I have steady temps in the mid to upper 70's (74-78) so now I can keep the closet door closed. So no more smell in the house which got quite strong last time.

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  17. free2seed

    free2seed Registered

    Wow...thats brutifull. I think im going to start following your recommendation on the Legacy method if you can pull such powdered sugar to come outta those beauties.. hardcore cudos from my end! :thumbsup:
    That type of quality would fetch 25/30$ a gram in my particular region and make people go ga ga over (not promoting sales of herb, just a economy based statistic):thumbsup:
  18. byrdog55

    byrdog55 Registered+

    Thanks Free2seed. I can say it WAS good smoke, with a great high. Don't know about the value but I'm sure I saved myself a penny or two by not having to buy.

    The formula is easy and tested. It's important to keep the PH stable and stick to the schedule as described. Latewood knows his stuff when it comes to hydro and lighting. He has been very helpful and patient with me when I had questions. check out his site hygronomics.com.homepage01 :thumbsup:

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