White Widow

Discussion in 'Indica' started by dcskins, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. dcskins

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    Is White widow a heavy Indica? How often should a humidifier be operating inside a standard aize closet. Temp. stays 65-75, higher during light hours. But the humidity seems to hover around 50-55. I would like to know when to turn off the humidifier to avoid root rot because the water doesn't seem to evaporate? Help a patient out with the recommendations required from a doctor!
  2. drgreenleaves

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    i think your humidity is fine at 50-55. if that what it is regularly, i think you should remove your humidifier completely. it will give you more grow space.
  3. rudy2010

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    I believe White Widow is a sativa strain but it is one of the strongest sativas available. I grew a WW last year and I have to clean my scissors after every doob I roll. It gums my sifter up every other use. It is very sticky, resiny and stony.
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  4. skunkhydrokush

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    how can it b a sativa with a stony high ?? Lmfao especially wen talking about white widow, it is a heavy indica very potent try youll c :jointsmile:
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    sativas can also have a stony high if its a hybrid that is
  6. emilya

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    It is both! It is a hybrid and is a 60/40 mix of both Indica and Sativa. If you harvest it early it is more of an indica high, later when the trichomes are mostly amber, it takes on a strong sativa high. I am aiming for right about 10% amber on my first grow with this amazingly strong strain. ---Emmie
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  7. rudy2010

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    Emmie - Thanks for the info. I know WW is kick butt stuff. I just thought it was sativa because of the shape of the leaves.

    I think 10% amber trichs is probably right for most outdoor plants. I don't have experience with indoor budding so no comment there. Don't get caught up in that cloudy stuff. The trichs can look cloudy way before the plant is ready. Always wait for some truly amber trichomes before harvesting.:stoned:
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    I loved my WW and can't wait to get clones as soon as I can get up to the dispensary. If worried about root rot, just put an inch or two of rock in the bottom of your pots. This keeps the soil above the runoff water and doesn't allow it to stay wet.
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  9. Hotshot123

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    I'll say one thing about White Widow. I mix 8grams of Super Skunk, with 4 grams of White Widow. And to this day, I have never gotten that stone from any mixtuer. It was like being in Heaven. Good luck, and happying growing.
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  10. tlranger

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    The whiter the better. DSCN0654 (640x480).jpg DSCN0655 (640x479).jpg
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  11. WickedSeeds

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    White Widow is a hybrid....meaning it is a cross between the two sativa x indica.............now it is so adulterated it is not the same as it once was even the orginal breeder shantiblabla I do not think he has the original parent stock and has had to select new parent lines....not just from the widow but for all the lines.....it is so hard to keep plants for so long.....now they have tissue culture technology it is more likely but back then.... very difficult.
    Hope this helps.
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  12. COweed

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    I have some White Widow shatter, it's labeled as an indica.

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