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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by needinsomehelp, Nov 5, 2006.

  1. needinsomehelp

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    what kind of yield is white widow strain? are the buds big? do they get bigger later on . i howlong 8 weeks i've been told 12(long time to wait). its a new strain for me i have northen light and was hopeing itsa harder to get use to two srains rather than smokn same kind every day.

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  2. Dutch Pimp

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    ..nice looking grow...now follow the trichomes...I harvested some plants early, some during primetime, some late (90 days flower)...Your're going to like WW...trust me...how big do they get?..same as any other strain..depends on conditions...it's in the hands of the trich's now. Follow your grow guide.
  3. locomark

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    Well Needinsomehelp,

    Remember this the stonger the poison the smaller the bottle. WW is a very potent strain with cannabis cup credentials. Last year over 20,000 smokers went to the cup. You can put two and two together.

  4. needinsomehelp

    needinsomehelp Registered

    glad to hear it's gonna be that good. i was currious to the size to make sure i have enough plants .i hate running out. by the way they are in week 4
  5. amdp

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    WW is a low to medium yeilding strain assuming all other things equal, but it's a great smoke.
  6. Garden Knowm

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    12 weeks of flowering... yikes... seems toooooo long...

    : )

    nice grow!
  7. RichieRich

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    I smoked some really tasty ww today and oh wow is it a good smoke. From a connoisseur of pot I saw thank you for growing more of it. All the best to you!
  8. needinsomehelp

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    apprectiation for all the help

    thanks for all the help . just took two of my girls out for photo shoot and thought you might want to see them. one is end of week 4 and the other is week 2 does she look stunted? her fans are huge but no size of bud and lacking crystal(was hoping for a little more from her). saw some threads about co2 would that help? and do i rally have to wait for 12 wks for this strain?

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  9. Shallow Hal

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    mate i growe dutch passions WW , i flower clones as soon as they root , the plants end up about 2 and a half foot talll and will produce anywhere from 3 quarters to 2 ounces a plant. under a 13 dark 11 light flowering cycle they finish between 8 to ten weeks .
  10. Garden Knowm

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    Looks good.. except your plants are blurry.. or is that your pictures... LOL

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