Whizzinator works but sucks

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    Reasons why I hate it:
    1. costs alot
    2. don't use it unless you have never experienced daylight because it's just too white of a dick
    3. The creator of the whizzinator didn't consider the fact that most if not all dicks have a normal skin color shaft while having a pinkish red dick head. The whizzinator is one color! just a whitey white dick with a whitey white head!
    (to put into perspective: it's like drawing a dick in MSPAINT and using the paint bucket to fill it in with a really light skin color, that's right, no detail what so ever as to the dick head contrast with the skin of the shaft etc.)
    4. When wearing the Whizzinator, the switch you flip upwards is located inbetween the dick and your belly button basically.
    5. Reasons why number 4 f*cks things up. The thing isn't too easy to flip while making it look like your trying to be incognito. It snaps when flicked which requires you to cough to cover the noise. It's not like you can flip it with your pinky, that takes to much effort and makes a louder noise and looks more obvious than just flicking it with your thumb and index finger with a grip.

    (I stood a little back than usual from the toilet just so i could scoot up while flipping the switch so it looks like i'm just holding on to my belt line so my pants dont fall and to make it look like "OH ok here it comes, i'm going to scoot up now *cough* so I don't miss or anything.") -- NO i didnt say that outloud. U know what i mean. Other wise I would have just stood their flicking something. No matter how you flick it, whether its sliding your hand up with a palm or with your index at a curve to basically scrape it up. Your hand or fingers are basically doing an up motion that would look obvious to any observer. Plus they allllll know what a whizzinator is. It's too generic and can be spotted just by looking at it. Hell, I bet if I were the observer standing 10 ft away i would be like, "Ok thats fake, the penis is to white for your skin"
    Anywho i flicked it while scooting closer to make it less conspicuous than just sitting still.

    Yeah i know I could have done things better/differently but I'm mainly bitching because I don't want people who are thinking about buying this item without hearing this first. I haven't seen a thread going over this like I am so I feel obligated to. Plus i'm to lazy to care if there is another thread like this.

    There is a whizzinator alternative (forgot the name of it) that to me looks real and is activated and controlled waaaay easier. You can control the flow by how much you pull/retract skin on the shaft back. That is a way less suspicious way than fumbling along by your belt buckle.

    So please look into whizzinator alternatives and make your own opinions while checking forums and etc to see if it works better or worse etc. Infact an IV bag plus a real looking dildo that you drill a hole/line straight down into is basically a whizzinator. So try saving money and make your own somehow for some day. One that won't do the crap a 150 dollar one would do. Be creative children.
    I want to use some of the whizzinators parts and get rid of some others to replace with improvements and modifications. PIMP MY WHIZZINATOR! Quick fix your my only hope *sob*:(

    All in all though if your just in a rush to get a whizzinator. I suggest get it if your dick isn't being fully looked at. IF the observer stands behind you or something out of pure sight of it then ok I guess. It really does make a legit looking piss so yeah it does work great but as far as looks go. Not so much if looked at full on and all angles lol.

    Since I basically own the thing still, if you want to ask me some questions about it I can help.
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    People might be better off trying to make there own. But really the best bet with observed UA's is to not risk it.
    If I ever get an observed UA I think i'll buy me one of those big black 14' dildos,drill a hole through the center to pee in and whip that big dog out.lol
    Think they'll notice its black and I'm white?
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