Who do you smoke with?

Discussion in 'The Hobby Lounge' started by Gatekeeper777, Aug 15, 2009.

  1. Gatekeeper777

    Gatekeeper777 Registered+

    I was just wondering who ou get stoned with?
    I get stoned with my aunt. She kicks azz and is a real pot head.
    I am happy to have her as a close member of my family tree.

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  2. DOUGAL25

    DOUGAL25 Registered+

    lol...thats a nice pipe!
  3. Gatekeeper777

    Gatekeeper777 Registered+

    my aunt jus happens to be her. lol
  4. fdsaasdf

    fdsaasdf Registered+

    Ahaha, that is pretty awesome. I sometimes smoke with my Mom, but mostly I just toke up with a couple of close friends. Or a close girlfriend if she's cool. :jointsmile:
  5. psychocat

    psychocat Registered+

    My OH and me have 5 regulars who are close friends that we've known for years, they're all of the same kind of mindset as we are.
  6. JayJayW

    JayJayW Registered+

    friends and guinea pig.
  7. smello

    smello Registered+

    My wife and oldest son(who claims im 3 days older then dirt)
  8. jesse montgomery III

    jesse montgomery III Registered+

    chester greenburg, of course.
  9. Kalidank1

    Kalidank1 Registered+

    My whole family we all toke up Friday nights to show off our grows :)
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  10. silent leprechaun

    silent leprechaun Registered+

    A cop wouldn't ask me that !!! :D

  11. 79lostinspace79

    79lostinspace79 Registered+

    I smoke with my wife and her mom and dad,my mom and brother inlaw sisters
  12. mrprophet

    mrprophet Registered+

    With friends, or with the wife.
  13. STOP

    STOP Registered+

    i get baked with my cats
  14. Olpothd

    Olpothd Registered

    I love it!!!

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