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  1. Weezard

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    "If nominated, I will not run.
    If elected, I will not serve". :D
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  2. EvilCartman

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    That's a prerequisite for the office. :D

    He ain't Hillary, and that's what counts. :p We knew he was a douchebag... :wtfsign:
    Since the end of the Obama-nation, my business/income is UP 20%.
    Investments are performing far better than the constant see-saw I'd gotten used to...

    Remember all those bitcoins ya bought 2 years ago, to buy seeds? Checked the wallet lately? :dancing:
    I say you can thank the instability of our off-the-wall leadership for much of the crypto currency popularity.

    Leave "sessions" out of it, and it's a deal. :thumbsupold:
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  3. Buck Rogers420

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    At what cost to the environment and the
    *Integrity of our country?
    *Integrity( always doing the right things,
    Even if the wrong things are legal ).
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  4. emilya

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    just checking... has anyone here died yet because of the tax cuts?
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  5. Weezard

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    Be patient my friend.
    There is no end to corporate greed.

    Fat Donny says he won't go after Social security until the first day of his second term.
    Then it's Medicade, and Medicare, then people die.
    But no worries, without the Social security Insurance that I paid into for 50 years, medical care becomes moot.
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  6. emilya

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    just as there is no end to the liberal desire to steal from the rich I guess... just depends on who you hate the most, which side of this one falls on. Tell me again how corporate greed works, with 11 companies announcing the other night not only bonuses, but permanent wage increases and declarations to self impose a $15/hr minimum within their company. This is happening all over the nation my friend, and watch what happens as jobs become competitive again and wages rise across the spectrum. President Fat Donny is going to create so much national revenue that he will not need to "go after" Social Security... we will have plenty of surplus to shore up the fund and bring it back into balance with the CPI. Just wait and see... It seems to me that every prediction I have made so far in this matter has been proven to be correct. Why would that change now? I think this is called being on a roll. :)
    Be well all my Trump haters... resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.
  7. Buck Rogers420

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  8. Plumber07

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    Okay, ya really want to bring politics into it? I'm (OH, NO) a conservative. I believe in SMALL GOVERNMENT (government needs to get the f... out of my life). I was a #NeverTrump're. He's a, well, YOU ALL KNOW! Has he done a lot of things I like? Yeah, hate to admit it. AMERICA FIRST FOR A F..KIN' CHANGE. I do like that, call me crazy. So far so good on the Sessions hands off in Cal, although I do wish we'd build a frickin' wall. I live in North County San Diego. There are neighborhoods, markets, areas, etc. here where English is not welcome. No chit. Liberal rule is a stain on this once great state. After 59 years here I've watched the changes. Dear liberals, take your feelings and get a GRIP! No one owes you chit. Work, earn it. Illegals, GET OUT! Why should our own children suffer in over-crowded schools? A third of the kids don't even speak English. Who's allowing this? ENOUGH! Now I'm gonna fire up the bong with some GG#4 x OG Kush. Makes me cough like oregano. Wake up America.
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  9. Dutch Pimp

    Dutch Pimp Up in Smoke

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  10. EvilCartman

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    I'm gonna predict that the next big thing in Mexico will be pole-vaulting. :banghead2:
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