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    I hear you onjig; the left can say the most outrageous things, and if we on the right call them on it, we are to blame for what ensues.
    No one jumps on the guy with the racist attitude who says that we need illegal aliens so that we have people to clean our toilets and mow our yards... nope, they jump on the conservative for somehow causing the conversation to happen.
    Claiming that Right-speech is harmful and undesired in a forum or at a family dinner table is one of the more common tactics that the left uses to shut down the arguments they can not win. The tactic works amazingly well, because the left has made the opposition of anything on the right into an artform, and they try to do everything they can to make it seem that all of the arguments and all of the bad feelings come from the right. The negative hatemongers get very loud and insistent when they sense that they outnumber the few conservatives willing to risk the open confrontation and personal, nasty and hateful arguments the left always creates, and they love to make it seem like they outnumber conservatives by a large margin because by using these bullying tactics they can shout down the opposition.
    The hateful left does not outnumber the right, and I offer the last election as proof. The minority makes up for their numerical deficit by using personal attacks, emotion, lies and hate to drive their message, and oftentimes this almost religious zeal for their hateful message along with their unwillingness to respond to questions about their facts accomplishes its goal to shut up the opposition.
    So here Plumber jumps in to say tsk tsk... this forum is for pot growing talk, not politics, yet, I have to remind him that this conversation was started by someone with the stated intent to talk about politics and it has been going on since well before the election. Tsk Tsk indeed... if you don't want to think about the topic, don't open the thread and please for your own sanity stay in the grow forums. If you don't want to hear other people's views, don't pontificate regarding political topics. If you don't want to hear opposing views, don't state any opinion on an open forum, because by doing so you are inviting responses on both sides. If you get called out for saying stupid things, that is all part of the game. Grow a pair and dive in if you can handle it, but don't ever be so sanctimonious that you feel the need to demand that no one be allowed to have the conversation.
    Someone called this Trolling. Trolling would be if I jumped on your grow log and ended my comment with #MAGA. That would be rude and you will not find me trolling your threads, ever... although many have found it necessary to troll my threads over the years. Responding to a political forum is not trolling, by any definition of the term.
    So no, please don't anyone get the impression that the liberal hate filled responses to my honestly held views has stopped me from commenting. Hardly. I have appreciated the few positive comments and those who respectfully disagree with me, it is that reasoned dissent that makes our system work. #MAGA
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    I am (a little?) right of Attila the Hun. I meant what I said. Yahoo has a great comment section. I have a lot of fun with liberals. I was one of the founding members of the dreaded Digg Patriots. Look it up. There's a time and a place for everything. Here is the place to celebrate herb, not socialism vs conservatism.
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    I get what you say Plumber ~ but ~ I like the expression : "Eat the Bread and Salt ~ but Speak your piece " ```

    Our ranches are out and away from cities ~ all I hear of politics ~ is on the radio ~ and on the internet ~ there is no ~speaking up to a radio ~ here on the net ~ socialistic/communistic banter is ~ past around ~ as if Gospel ~ everywhere ~ even on garden forms ~ everywhere ~ I've been scolded and kicked off sites ~ for describing our family ethnic ~ Christmas or Easter ``` We can't talk about that here ~ you can't say that here ```

    No ~ but ~ they can ~ and do ~ even on political sites ~ there is an intimation ~ that you ~ may not ~ talk/discuss that side of politics ```

    Well ~ Plumber ~ are you a plumber ~ I've worked as a plumber ~ I'm a journey man ~ never been in the plumbers union ``` Happy to meet you ~ by th by ```

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    Been a plumber for almost 40 years. I've run my own business for the past 15 years. Never union. I help people, fair pricing, quality work and warranty everything I do. Number one on Yelp in my area. Nothing like good honest work.
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