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Discussion in 'Kansas (KS)' started by Wheed, Dec 3, 2006.

  1. Wheed

    Wheed Registered

    Lives in Kansas? I live in Derby near where Haysville starts at.
  2. closeddoors

    closeddoors Registered+

    I live in Garden City.
  3. disbm1ke

    disbm1ke Registered

    wichita here! holla!:jointsmile:
  4. kennethcrack

    kennethcrack Registered

    Lawrence best small(ish) town in kansas
  5. fivehorizons

    fivehorizons Registered

    North of Wichita here
  6. yoursins

    yoursins Registered

    Pittsburg o.0 Southeast corner, tiny -sigh-
  7. Bal<eD

    Bal<eD Registered

    manhattan, ks....sucks here right now...no plug:mad:
  8. carinia

    carinia Registered+

    Topeka!! Altho I can also hail from pitt and lawrence ;)
  9. WizardOZ

    WizardOZ Registered+

    carina, are you still around? Hoyt here
  10. emilya

    emilya Future Dispensary Owner

    about 100 miles east of you :)
  11. WizardOZ

    WizardOZ Registered+

    Perfect! I can pick your brain on times for outdoor growing

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