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Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by davejohnwright, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. darinstoner94

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    1600w on 10/14 costs me $200 A month electric and produces 1.25lbs every 8wks bagseed
  2. JayD57

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    Are you going to use a 5 gallon pale and run tubing from the lid above the plants so it falls down onto the foliage?
  3. nevz

    nevz Registered+

    Bruv ive been using a 1000w hps in a space thats less than a square meter an my plants seem to love it
  4. TopPot

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    Not to offend any Light-Ologists out there, 11,250 Lumens per square foot will produce fantastic results/yields. I know there are those who wish to delve into PAR Watts and the Inverse Square Principle, but I like to keep it simple. In a 4' x 4' = 16sq feet area this grow will far surpass the Optimal 7K - 7.5K Lumens per square foot. The only other thing besides Nutes and Top Shelf Strains is to capture the light spectrum (Red/Blue) in the HPS.

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