who likes the who?

Discussion in 'Music Room' started by cygnustaxt, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. cygnustaxt

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    So i've recently been getting into the who. I saw their documentary not too long ago and it sparked a major interest in them. Pete Townshend is a creative madman. I watched Tommy on a certain psychedelic that we can't talk about here but it was a very enlightening moment. that movie/rock opera is freaking wicked. If you haven't done so already, I suggest watching Tommy immediately! So who else loves the who?! They're doing a small tour this fall and I really wish I could go but the closest place they are playing is DC and tickets are 505 dollars. Thats an insane amount of money for a concert, I really wish I could afford it :( I mean if i bought that ticket + plane ticket and a hotel room, i'd be close to broke :( its very depressing, heh.
  2. Dutch Pimp

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    The Who is my favorite band of all time. Nuff said...:thumbsup:

    I was at the ill-fated concert in Cincinnati...back in the day.
  3. Born To Stone

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    ya they're awesome, I watched Quadrophenia recently which is made by the Who, you'd probably like it, if not the film then at least the soundtrack lol

    $505???? a year or two when they toured round here tickets were £50 (about $100), missed em though...next time, next time !
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  4. cygnustaxt

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    yeah dude quadraphenia is good, i think I like tommy better though. They're both terrific. Yeah I don't know why tickets are so expensive, oh well.
  5. FlyGuyOU

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    Who are you?? O o
  6. stinkyattic

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    I'm on the bandwagon. The Who rocked early and hard. Rock on.
  7. bhouncy

    bhouncy Registered+

    Loved the track at the end of Quadrephinia. Love reign o'er me or something. Brilliant.
  8. Breukelen advocaat

    Breukelen advocaat Registered+

    The Who Sell Out, Live At Leeds, and Who's Next are very good albums.

    Never got to see them, unfortunatly.
  9. ghosty

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    i dunno you tell me, who?
  10. bhouncy

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  11. silkyblue

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    Man I love that song!

    Thank you your so kind (((hugs))))

    Daltrey epitomized "The Who' ,

  12. jimmy8778

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    eminence front-its a put on!!
  13. silkyblue

    silkyblue Registered+

    no chowder for thee
  14. thedeadone

    thedeadone Registered+

    I know who.....

    Hortan....................... hears a Who. He must have liked em. :stoned:
  15. Kratom

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    Always loved the who. Read "Dear Boy" the biography of Keith Moon. What comedian but sadly totally fekked up. There is a classic scene in "The Kids Are Alright" where Steve Martin tries to interview him while he is trashing a hotel bedroom (which he invented)
  16. fourkicks

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    i know its an old post but come on its THE WHO

  17. Buck Rogers420

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    I saw the Who on the Who are you tour (the last for Moon). Roger thru a British flag into the crowd. I still have it hanging on my wall in my grow room.
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  18. Shovelhandle

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    I love The Who
  19. Pupp

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    I like all sorts of bands. I suppose Queen is my favorite. Still, a lot depends on my mood.
  20. Buck Rogers420

    Buck Rogers420 Registered+

    I've been a fan of Queen cents I saw them play warmup for Mott The Hoople(it was the first time I heard them).
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