who's got the best cloning method?

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    whats the best way to get about 50 clones at a time from 10 seeds.. iv'e got a 400 watt hps to put mothers under. im planning on having 3 mothers from each strain out of my 5 strains. then im going to top them all to create more nodes. once they have like 20 branches on each mother that i can clone at a time then ill clone all the plants at the same time getting hopefully 20 clones off of each plant. what do you guys think about that? will it work ok? how many mothers can i keep under the 400 watt hps throughout my grow cycle let me kinow what you guys think about it.
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    ~36 small mothers in 4.5" pots or 9 mothers in 12x12 3 gallon pots is perfect under a 400. The little ones are more portable if you have to bail on your grow.

    Is this your first grow?

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    Here's my cloning method that I just posted YESTERDAY and which you would have seen had you looked for cloning info.

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    My favorite cloning method... you need:
    HEALTHY mothers that have been deprived of nitrogen for the previous week.
    -Water them well
    -Spray them with WiltPruf, Anti-Wilt, or a leaf shine anti-transpirant spray. Let dry.

    Your MEDIA:
    Rapid rooter bark grow plugs. Peat pellets are NOT a substitute as they have shitty pH.

    Your clones new HOME:
    -A propagation tray with a 6-8 inch high dome over it, or a clear plastic box... they need about 8" of space to avoid touching the roof of the dome and rotting.
    -under this tray there is a HEAT MAT.. US $25 at a garden store. Worth every penny.

    Then your TOOLS:
    -a small container to pour CLONEX GEL into. Do not dip into the bottle, it will get contaminated.
    -A SPRAY BOTTLE of plain city tap water.

    -Cut off a growing tip that is at least 4-5" long and has the tip with new leaves, plus at least a pair of nodes lower down the stem.
    -Take your razor and slice the lower leaves off carefully.
    -Now cut the end of the stem diagonally and dip it immediately into the clonex.
    -Let sit for 30 seconds in Clonex, covering the nodes where you cut off a pair of leaves.
    -Now stick it into the hole in the rapid rooter.
    -Make sure that the nodes that you cut hte leaves off are covered. This is the first site of root growth as there are more undifferentiated cells in this region.
    -Make as many clones as you like and make sure they are not crowding each other in the tray.
    -Mist them again with Wilt-Pruf.
    -Pour a little water in the outer tray so that there is a source of humidity under the dome.
    -Put the dome on and place the whol ething on the heat mat about 10-12" from a pair of 40w tube flouros.
    -Lift the lid morning and night and mist. They need moisture and fresh air.
    -Enjoy! Should take less than 10 days.
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    what kinda nutes for mothers?

    what kinda nutes do i give to my mothers that im going to keep under the 400 watt for a long time and take many clones from? i also read that i should tie the mothers down (bending) to get the most clones from a few plants.. what do you think about that?
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    listern to stinky thats all the info you need:jointsmile:
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    ya it doesnt answer my question about what kind of nutes should i feed mothers at the end of the veg cycle from seed to keep them in that mode.. i have them in hydroton in 6" net pots growing in ebb an flow right now.. what kind nutes should i feed them after im ready to start taking clones from them to sex them and then keep them after that also

    im willing to put them in soil also if i knew which kind of soil and nutes to give them and if i could take hydro clones and put them in soil then ill just take a clone from each one and put it in soil after its rooted and then keep it under the light (i have a 400 watt hps for my mothers btw)
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    your mothers need to be low in N AND HIGH CARBS make sure you flush b4 you take clones then keep them on normal veg nutes but flush b4 you take clones each time:)
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    "HEALTHY mothers that have been deprived of nitrogen for the previous week.
    -Water them well"

    A bloom fert is acceptable. It has less than 50% of the N for veg.

    And some TopMax/Sweet/Carb load shit/molasses/ whatever to get the brix up a little but for me, I use pureblend pro grow for my moms when they are just chillin' and it has sugar cane in it, so I don't add a carb supplement because my brix should already be okay.
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    Hey escobar I have a simple and easy way to clone that Ive been using for three years now. Just make yourself a bubble cloner.All you need is a air pump air stone and a container of your choosing. Oh yeah and just add water and water alone no nutes no hormones no nothing just water and youll have rooted clones in days. I get clones to root in 8 to 10 days. Like I said I been doing it for three years I got the Idea from someone on the old overgrow site I dont remeber who it was but it works and it works great and this is the only way I clone.:Rasta: :jointsmile:
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    Just check out the oklahoma forum/What Up okla theard and I have the set up on there showing the parts.:Rasta: :Rasta:
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    Cheapo aero cloner

    I'm with BigWeed on this. You can't beat a bubble cloner for the ease of assembly and opperation. It produces fantastic results with minimal effort. I've been using one for years as well and I don't think I could be convinced to change.

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    Hmm, seems like 300 branches is a bit much under 400 watts. I'm not trying to burst your bubble, but I don't think that I would try that much, or I would at least double that light. Unless of course you don't want them to grow very fast, which has been a goal of mine in the past. I'm thinking 400 watts for mothers would be good for about a 5'x5' space. So would I want 15 plants with 300 branches in that space? I guess, possibly, if I kept them kinda small. Hmm, and could I use 400 watts for more like a 7'x7' space? Maybe, if I'm not taking vast quantities of cuttings. And also, why are those sheep up in the trees? These, and many other questions have been much on my mind of recent.

    Anyway the stony ramblings of a slightly dizzy individual may not make much sense right now. Hope I could help a little.
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    I'm bumping this and adding that I've recently been going with the mist only on the inside of the dome, nit directly on the cuttings technique- if you have mold problems often, consider trying that to reduce risk.
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    Bubble Cloners rock !

    I gotta go with the bubble cloner - my success rate for cloning was real close to zero% :wtf: - then, I built a bubble cloner, and I have, so far, 100% success, they don't even try to droop :thumbsup: - I also don't mist the cuttings, but I do give a little spray into the humidity dome - :jointsmile:

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    how do you keep air from going up the stem and stopping water intake?
  16. stinkyattic

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    Couple things.
    Cloning gels and powders do form a physical barrier.
    The plant's stem heals itself.
    And by watering the mother well before taking cuttings, you are basically saturating her.
    Other than that, dip the cutting in your hormone IMMEDIATELY after making the final cut, and you should have no problems.

    Another thing to add! I have recently fallen in love with dip-n-grow. It's got 2 different hormones, plus a fungicide, and costs like NOTHING compared to clonex, which has no fungicide, is expensive, and as far as I can tell goes bad in less than a year... and OMG is it easy to contaminate your gel...

    Another GREAT trick for sanitizing your prop dome:
    Scrubbing Bubbles! Yeah, the foaming bathroom cleaner! You can see if you have missed a spot because of the white foam. Spray on, leave for 5 minutes, rinse off.

    With rapidrooters, if your clones have thin stems, make a slit with the blade of an exacto knife to stick it in so there is good contact between the cutting and the moist medium.

    Hope these little hints help... I have been killing my own clones for years so y'all don't have to! :D

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