Who's got the best Kush?

Discussion in 'Colorado (CO)' started by FarmerSteve, Jul 13, 2010.

  1. FarmerSteve

    FarmerSteve Registered+

    I feel like a crack head, but I haven't had nearly enough Kush in my life. Who's left that's got the best? I'm a soil/organic/hippy type.

    I'd even be willing to try new places out if they make it worth my trip.
  2. TheReleafCenter

    TheReleafCenter Registered+

    I have a banana kush that I believe was enjoyed by a few of the members of the board last harvest.
  3. copobo

    copobo Registered+

    I have the best og kush, but as of July 1, I can't help you out ;)
  4. MMJinColorado

    MMJinColorado Registered+

    Stone Mountain in Longmont. I say that with complete confidence.
  5. cologrower420

    cologrower420 Banned

    From what I've seen, wellspring's pre98 bubbakush is top notch, they have some dead head og kush from the same grower but the current batch is a little wet.

    The banana from releaf would be my 2nd, but I haven't seen much of it, they're still pretty new to me.

    The Hatch in highlands ranch has great stuff, but I don't go there anymore, the last time I was there they had stuff for $30/gram and $75/eighth, total bullshit. He has that rich market though, so good for him.

    Cannamart has bubba platinum, I'd say 3 on my list of the 10 or so MMC's I go to regularly.

    I'm a high volume patient, so I don't pay more than $45 for a bag. I have no idea what you'd pay.

    edit: I'm in south denver, and there are limited MMC's in douglas county. I don't have experience with delivery services, and craigslist is just horrible 99% of the time, but I've found good stuff there occasionally.
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  6. BreckenridgeOT

    BreckenridgeOT Registered

    Bubba Kush

    Our pre '98 Bubba Kush is really good and its one of our in-house strains that will always be around. If your a Kush fan you will really enjoy it, the smell and taste are amazing. I don't know if your ever in Breckenridge, but if you are interested in making the trip let me know, all of our new patients receive a free gift.
  7. funkfingers

    funkfingers Guest

    I believe farmer is talking og's here..CAm has some good kushes in stock usually, as does cut above,herbal element,stone mtn, verde..There are some really good shops around the city..Love me some kush..:jointsmile:
  8. cologrower420

    cologrower420 Banned

    A Cut Above made me complete new paperwork each one of my 4 visits. I don't mind spending that amount of time filling paperwork out, but the meds were overpriced, the guy behind the counter didn't have a clue. This was soon after opening, so things may have changed.

    I won't ever go back. I absolutely will not spend the time designating them as my caregiver for every single visit, that's insane.

    I was at the dispensary at santafe/happy canyon yesterday, and he said a dispensary in parker got busted sometime this week for selling to patients who had application paperwork without proof of mailing.

    First: I didn't even know there were any legit dispensaries in parker. The only places I've seen are crappy delivery places on craigslist. Westword has the best listing of MMC's that I've seen, and I don't think they have any in parker.

    Second: Has anyone else heard of this?
  9. mickrick

    mickrick Registered+

    I Have

    I would not call myself Kyle Kuushman , but i got a lovely lemon kush man , it sooo bitter you gotta grind your teeth it's so bitter ..
    It's called amnesia kush if i rember right / my toes toes curl ....

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  10. blazetbone

    blazetbone Registered+

    I started working at CAM on Broadway a few weeks ago and our Kush assortment is pretty solid. My favs are the Prez kush, Reserva Privada OG Kush, Kandy Kush, and Kings Kush. We had some amazing banana kush that sold out in a day on Wednesday, wish I would have gotten more!

    We also have a LA Kush that is amazing! Just not in stock right now.

  11. denver

    denver Registered+

    We have some really strong and tasty Og kush in stock.. some of the best Og kush in Denver
    707 Headband
    Jane Doe OG Kush
    Skywalker OG Kush
    krypt 0 nite OG Kush
    Real SFV OG Kush
    Diablo OG Kush
    Black Berry Kush.

    Stop by if your in the neighborhood free joints today as well with any purchase :thumbsup:

    all the best..:Rasta:
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  12. FarmerSteve

    FarmerSteve Registered+

    Thanks guys. Lots to choose from. Looks like on my way to Ft Collins to see the doc, I'll have to swing through Longmont.
  13. puntacometa

    puntacometa Registered+

    I've got some Bananna and Orange here that will knock your dick in the dirt. You're going to have to come to the Western slope/4 corners area though. I'm almost out, but Durango Wellness and Nature's Own Wellness may still have some.
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  14. FlyinPolynesian

    FlyinPolynesian Registered+

    Iʻve got my own private reserve of Pre 98 Bubba Kush and Skywalker Kush thatʻll make you wanna punch yo momma in the face..... and no im not exaggerating.

    itʻs the fucking TITSSSS
  15. siscolee

    siscolee Registered

    Tried to stop by The Denver Patients Group at 9:30 to catch the early bird free brownie as advertised on their webpage from 9 am to 10am and what looked like a nice kush list, two gentlemen were at the door said they were closed when I tried to ask about the website the one gentlemen said "closed" again without looking at me and shut the door. Update your info guys thanks for the friendliness got some kush at natures kiss instead.

    Website lists multiple open times In Different places went with the biggest shiniest ad on homepage and door sign said open too get with the program guys
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  16. rizzo1722

    rizzo1722 Registered

    You resurrected a thread about kush that has been dead for 4 months to complain about Denver Patients Group?
  17. ThaiBuddhaMan

    ThaiBuddhaMan Registered+

    Guess Nature's Kiss gear was just that good! HA! Doubt it! :smokin:
  18. copobo

    copobo Registered+

    it must be really, really good kush!

    at least the spammer found an appropriate thread. LOL

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