Who's vomited after a huge hit?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Flaegrek, Jan 3, 2005.

  1. Flaegrek

    Flaegrek Registered+

    has anyone ever taken a huge, deep hit, and then vomited?

    It's odd, I think. my buddy took a deep hit from my lung. I used my torch lighter, these little lighters work great at burning. Well, he took a good one, and he started to caugh, then gag. Next thing you know the guy puked into his hands; a large glob of mucus and vomit. The funny part is, when it happened he laughed right afterward. So here's this jolly fellow who's outside laughing to himself, with his hands covered in his own vomit.
  2. geoffrowley19

    geoffrowley19 Registered+

    he took a deep hit from ur lung? lol....well, i have come very close to throwin up before, it was one of those cashed hits where all ur smoking is ash and resin from the pipe, tasted like ass and i sucked in too hard, and i threw up a lil in my mouth,luckily it was only my first bowl so i was able to keep it in without laughing lol
  3. Mello.as.Hello

    Mello.as.Hello Registered+

    too much smoke can trigger the gag reflex... So I could see it happening. I take smaller hits at home, to minimize the smell- so I've never puked one up before.
  4. well with my steam roller (all it is, a 2 foot metal vacume hose and a bowl) i tested it out....didn't respect the power of it at first....the hit went in...less then a second later....no coughing or nothing...ahurling i go.
  5. Reefer Rogue

    Reefer Rogue Registered+

    ive never puked from smoking and dont intend to either.
  6. Ground Zero

    Ground Zero Registered+

    once i inhaled a MASSIVE hotrock, i started coughing up blood, and had to spend 2 days in hospital (if u scar ur lungs by coughing to much, they can realse mucas up to 72 hours later, drowning you!)

    hell, hospital was fun when i was as high a a KITE!!


  7. west coast style

    west coast style Registered+

  8. Frost.

    Frost. Registered+

    I've never puked or passed out. I know people who have done both, though.
  9. FrenchInhale

    FrenchInhale Registered+

    When I first started smoking like 3 times a day I started coughing all the time even when I wasn't smoking... and it was like kinda mucisie coughing.... it really sucked... but eventually went away... I have never thrown up though... although I came close once.
  10. Flaegrek

    Flaegrek Registered+

    A lung is made from a pop bottle (600 ML, or a 2L can be used)

    So take that, cut the bottom part off, and tape a bread bag around the bottle.

    Take the cap from the bottle, cut a hole, tape tin foil around it, and you should be set.
  11. HATT420

    HATT420 Registered

    I have puked about 4 times from smoking, It mighta been the weed because i puked 3 times in a row each time i smoked this one shit i had, but my bud i was with was fine so i dont know. The other time i puked was first time i smoked a blunt like 2 years ago. its all good though
  12. Syrus

    Syrus Registered+

    puking is concidered whiteying, cos of the colour of the stuf that comes uot of your lungs. It happens when you have far to much weed or of your a lightweight.
  13. Hektik

    Hektik Registered+

    I know of a few times when i was all tanked as fuck and i go to take a huge ass bong rip i puked. But i have never just off of str8 weed.
  14. powair

    powair Registered+

    I never have, but one time my friend Breanne took a hit and she was coughing so hard, next thing you know she puked on herself (not in the hand, like, all over her shirt). It was the funniest fucking thing I have ever seen. Holy fuck.
  15. thcbongman

    thcbongman Registered+

    I puked my share of times, usually after a bong hit on a full stomach.
  16. rajking86

    rajking86 Registered+

    I've vomited the first time I got a whole blunt to myself. No puff puff pass,, just a whole blunt to my head. Afterwards, I felt SO high then nauseated, then I hurled my ass off! Good times!
  17. the12evised

    the12evised Registered

    lol I was watchin pirates of the caribbean(sp?) and the pirates runnin around the boat as a ghost fuckin made me spin and I just threw up in front of this girl I was tryin to hit on.. funny shit haha
  18. Kronik Bagz

    Kronik Bagz Registered+

    ive only puked high once an it was cause we waz watchin home movies where tha camera man couldnt keep tha camera still and on fast-forward
  19. FatBoyWeird

    FatBoyWeird Registered

    I smoked three bowls of dank nug. I hadn't smoked in months, and it was my fourth time or so. Anyways, it was hotboxed, and my friend had a big ass woofer. I was sitting on the top of the damn thing and I started to get a headache. After the first two bowls it was reallly intense, and the third one was too much. I made it inside without problems. I started spinning and my head got really big. I went to the bathroom and dropped the biggest load of barf in my life. I came out of after a couple minutes and I was stoned out of my mind. Great time.
  20. psychonaut

    psychonaut Registered+

    HAHAHAHAAH MILKBAGS! Well anyone who gets milky and pukes from the first hit is a discrace to the pot culture....go home

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