Who's vomited after a huge hit?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Methods' started by Flaegrek, Jan 3, 2005.

  1. dizzy spells

    dizzy spells Registered+

    yes i puked.
    after i had a case of budweiser & a few rum & cokes,i thought id have some of this weed mrs dizzy bought,it tasted rough from the start the next toke .my throat closed up & all hell let loose in the stomach area.luckily i was in the kitchen with the back door open.so next doors roses got most iof it.lmfao.
    peace out jellyfish

  2. just because someone pukes doesn't make them a disgrace to the potworld....what makes a disgrace is someone who claims to be a pothead (peaceful by nature) and going around insulting people and calling them weak just because they puke or have to pass on a hit....infact that's just plain fucked up....i'm sure most on here will agree too....lemme tell you something....go get a 2 in. diameter pvc pipe 2 foot long (if you have an old vacuum get the metal hose attatchments)...drill a whole and connect a bowl. fill the bowl and put your mouth to one end and your hand over the other (like a big carb).....hit that bitch has hard as you can until you start feeling a really good hit. (no need to be a pussy about it right? i mean you can handle anything and not puke can't you?) then let go and take in ALLLL the smoke in the chamber...lets see if you puke or not. to everyone else if you decide to make a steamroller...please take my advice and take it easy...they are to be severely respected..they are quite powerful. btw....don't just get on here and say you did it with no problem....since you won't puke do it right...just like i said....start hitting it and fill that chamber all the way up..then let go....make sure you take it all in.
  3. AbbaZabba

    AbbaZabba Registered+

    I've never puked from hitting to hard. However a buddy of mine hit my corncob pipe and he puked out his chicken nuggets. Haha great times.
  4. Chongzbongz

    Chongzbongz Registered+

    ive puked off weed but not after 1 hit it was after about 35 lungs(estimated)
  5. Midnight Baker

    Midnight Baker Registered+

    I've had a similar experience. I was taking rather large hits from a homemade bong and i just started coughing like you wouldn't believe. you kow like one of those 40year cig. smokers type of coughs. and mucus came up and alot of it! not pretty but i held down the rest. vomit did make an appearance but was told to go back where he came from
  6. Stoner Shadow Wolf

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    i tihnk i've mastered my gag reflex, i havent puked yet, but have come close on multiple occasions... i DO take too big of hits sometimes, but at least i usually manage to hold them in for a few seconds, bufore hacking my way to fresh air lol

    but no vomit yet... :D
  7. deathbyvalley

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    this one time i was at a concert with my ex and my keys got lost, so his friend picked us up and we went to his place. they smoked and shit, i was too stressed to smoke. they convinced me in the end to take a hit from his monster pipe, super huge bowl and they pretty much made me take it all in one hit (baaaaad idea). it was some pretty potent Mantis from santa barbara, and when he dropped us off at our hotel and left, i dunno if it was cuz i was so stressed out or what, but as soon as i stepped into the room i locked myself in the bathroom and puked for about 15 minutes. not fun.
  8. Syrus

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    wow this is a old thread, didnt think i would be seeing this again.
  9. im high as we speak

    im high as we speak Registered

    well i think the first time i ever hit this bong thats about a foot tall. it looked like a puked up a big spit cause it was like saliva. anyway. it was from the first time i hit the bong. no big deal i dont think
  10. marissa m.

    marissa m. Registered

    I just did! I was coughing so hard that it just came up

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