Why are all the "R"s runnin in my state totally against cannabis?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Shovelhandle, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. Shovelhandle

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    Looking at who to vote for state offices and EVERY R is dead against cannabis like it was 1972 or something. The shit they say is tired old rhetoric from DEA and Nixon and Reagan Drug War days. This is a very enlightened state, in my opinion. We do have decriminalization and medical MJ, totally due to Progressive party and Democratic party politicians. They put legalization on a bill last year but were in a hurry and fucked that all up. Next year they will try again but in between we have state elections. The Dems and Progs are killing property owners as the education tax is property taxed based and the schools are having some real problems. They have a great majority in both houses. the GOPs have a different /better vision for many things but cannabis is not one of those things. I'll likely hold my nose and vote for my wallet and the fiscal future of the state. But cannabis legalization would be a puff of smoke and who knows how a 'conservative' judiciary would make things even worse for cannabis users, both medical and recreational.
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    They ALL are against cannabis. Look who Hitler put in as AG. You voted against your own interests.
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    Shovelhandle did not vote for any Rs in the national election. This was local/state election for one thing but if you think the Ds in Washington are looking out for your interests you are in for a disappointment. The other thing is, in this state I have MMJ card and simple possession of cannabis is decriminalized. And my interests are varied and are not just about getting cannabis legalized. A LOT more to life.
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  4. Fender Super

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    My interests, as a senior American, is in continued health care, and a backing away from cowboy-redneck-racist-misogynist bullshit. I'm tired of the massive treason taking place in the Administration. If you're ok with that, we have nothing further to discuss.
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  5. Weezard

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    The big R is, and always has been about $$.
    If they contradict their party line on cannabis they lose one of their largest "contributors".
    Pharma give more money to politicians than the NRA.

    It all makes perfect sense in Pounds Dollars and Pence. ₤ $ d. :D
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  6. Fender Super

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    And they want to separate most Americans from as much of that money as possible, so they can give it to Charles and David Koch. Not a republican alive who deserves the breath they draw.
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  7. Weezard

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    Over the top, my friend.

    Labels divide people
    Labels aside, none of us deserve the breath we draw.
    Our very existence is extremely unlikely.

    I will fight for what I feel is right.

    Most of the Republican views, and this particular administration, is abhorrent to me.
    However, since I am not without error, I am not ever 100% sure of anything.

    So it's not about "I'm right! Everyone else is stupid and/or evil!"
    That would compound my possible ignorance, yah?

    The only way to find actual truth, or at least a "shared reality" is to actually listen to and debate with people who think differently.
    Bottom line? They are my neighbors and friends.

    Who knows, I might just learn something. :)

  8. Fender Super

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    Weez, I'm an over the top, godless commie with no patience for DC harming people. Rs harm people, it's what they do. I've tried talking to them. Might as well talk to my shit soup.
  9. Weezard

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    Ah yes.
    But have you tried listening to them?
    I don't debate to change anyone's mind.
    There lies frustration and anger.

    Because politics, like religion is not based on logic.
    I debate to learn how others think.

    I have some religious friends, I have some R friends, I have Ds and Libs.
    they believe things that make no sense to me.
    That does not make them bad, or stupid, just different.

    Never examining different, would stick me in the same kine bubble they appear to be stuck in.
    So I listen, and try to learn.
    Usually to little avail, but every now and again, I find a pearl. :)
    Why cut much of the world out of your life?
    All of my opinions are subject to change if, (and that's a big if), I get new information.

    Fer instance, I have a wonderful wife.
    She is a devout christian. I am not a believer in much of anything.
    Her faith makes her happy, I don't try to change that.
    Believing what I find to be nonsense is what floats her boat.
    I'm not about to put any holes in that boat.
    Learning how she "thinks" about those kine thing has been valuable to me.

    I even have a friend who actually voted for Trump.
    That could get us all killed, yah?
    Still, said person has always been a good friend to me and we all have the right to get it wrong.

    I'm just saying, do not allow the power mad bastards to polarize us.
    It's what they attempt to do.
    Once separated from each other we can be lied to and controlled quite easily.
    Keep talking to every kine person you know.
    Gently point at what you find to be true.
    But more importantly leave an opening in your personal dogma for new information from any source.

    Just my humble opinion, I could be wrong.

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  10. Fender Super

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    I can agree to disagree. I've actually changed some minds but when they went back to their usual circle of friends, they slid right back into old behaviors. I DO listen to them...and all I hear are greedy people with no compassion. I only try to change a mind I think might be changeable. But the ignorance and lack of compassion are total deal-breakers for me. If you accuse me of wanting an echo chamber, I plead guilty, yeronner. I just can't abide it any more. If you vote to take away my healthcare, you cannot be my friend.
  11. Weezard

    Weezard Registered+


    But on basics, I think we agree.
    I see the POTUS as unqualified, for political office and of very questionable mental health.
    That compounded by his apparent lack of intellectual curiosity, does not bode well for the USA.

    Why don't you tell us how you really feel :D

    Seriously, I offer you a platform here.
    Tell me your values.
    State what you see.
    Predict the future.

    Not a big audience here anymore, but at least one reader. :)
    And I am interested in your thoughts on our current condition and prognosis.

  12. Fender Super

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    Agreed on all points.

    I will rest easier when Orangutan is pushin' daisies. Hey, you asked.

    I am a godless commie. Tax the rich til there's no more rich.

    I see a nation of lemmings. Not sheep, lemmings. If America could be conned by such an obvious fraud as Trump, it's better off if it dissolves. Let the loonies have their stupid religions (they're ALL stupid) and non-union jobs. California should be its own nation. There is no more USA, it's the DSA.

    Humanity has 30-59 years left. Probably closer to 30. Seas will rise enough, no more crops, no more anything. Food riots. Mass famine and mass death of the species when the hot temps reach 100C

    Dying nation on a dying planet. Prognosis is extinction of homo sapiens.

    And a fine day to you, sir.
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  13. Weezard

    Weezard Registered+

    Mahalo for those thoughts.

    Well, you're not "wrong".

    Lucky for me, I love critters.
    Sheep are soft and friendly.
    Not bright, they need guidance.
    They seldom kill anything and they are delicious.
    Lemmings can be adorable in small groups.
    They make rotten leaders though. :)

    What I actually see is other humans.
    In different stages of mental development.
    Religion substitutes for critical thinking for many that are unable to think critically.
    It gets them through the night.

    The law of averages says that 50% of us are below average, yah? :)

    It also indicates that there are a lot of bright people and some brilliant ones.
    Many "shades of grey" in between.
    As one of those "shades" I don't have solutions for our precarious environmental situation. But, I'm far from the sharpest tool in the shed. Just hoping that better minds have a clue or two.

    Mass extinction is a real possibility. Nothing lasts forever.

    Am I worried?
    Not a lot. Mostly because I'm over 70. :D
    I'm happy living in the now and no longer stress over things I can not change

    Mass extinction have, and do, occur.
    Short term.

    Long term ?
    Life goes on within us, and without us.
    Give it a million years or so and call it a reboot.

  14. Somedatapackets

    Somedatapackets Registered+

    Oddly enough it was Democrats that made pot illegal.

    Even weirder - do you know why? The excuse was that it would ''help our farmers compete with those in Europe and around the world, instead of being so backward technologically'' -

    so Franklin Delano Roosevelts homie could - flood the world with oil based products. Du Pont had the rights for nylon and polyurethane and they decided to put american farmers out of business, to do that.

    Roosevelt was embarrased that American farmers were so 'backward.'

    Another great one - Democrats made pot illegal for another reason, too: to feed U.S. Blacks and Mexicans into the murderous maw of Southern Democrats who had started and ran the Ku Klux Klan, and who were resentful about FDR's disastrous handling of the Depression.

    Now: 80 years later? Democrats have turned the entire responsibility for it over to brainwashed Repugnicans too stupid to know how easily they're being played. Obviously the capitalist Repugnicans despise ANYTHING that brings joy to their employees' lives, because this breeds the fear they'll act independent and look out for themselves rather than gobble corporate dong.

    History is some wacko shit. You'd never believe what the actual history of the world is or - I guess I should say what the more accurate versions of history actually indicate.
  15. Somedatapackets

    Somedatapackets Registered+

    It's pretty much universal on pot sites that you can knock most people over with a fuckin feather when they learn who made pot illegal, and why.

    Who actually started the Klan, and ran it till it was destroyed.

    Who actually had John Kennedy murdered, so he could be president: Lyndon Johnson. His own Democratic vice president.

    There's a reason for it too. One very well correlated in history with other political parties. It's simple. They're the party of change, and they draw people who are just as driven as those who don't want to change - but they'll go do some outlandish shit, and fuck the consequences. Progress, motherfuckers,, we will be installing it.

    Obviously if you're a kind of unstable person you never want to really do a whole lot of reading about progressive politics. It really is the most evil stuff you'll ever see.

    One of the things people do who are capitalist Repugnicans is - they try to take all diversions from your life so you can be a better employee. The weirdos who worship money, they don't care if whole arms get lopped off in delis, if it saves money on safety guards, fuck em. There's just weirdo, ''people are things for me to use, so i can be with the things, I love'' types.

    Well - progressive politics has got exactly the same motherfucker who sat next to him in a desk in manipulopath school - both their daddys told them, that they gotta go rule the world, and whatever it takes to get results, and oh yeah - don't you EVER let those OTHER guys get one over on you, this is all a chess game, about who dies richest, so we can ''fight for poor peoples' rights''

    and you and me and Bobby McGee we're all caught in the middle of this shit being told by both sides, one core truth: that the other side's leadership
    is not our fucking friend.

    But - the ones on your side - they're not YOUR friend, either. Old people tell this to young people all the time but I've got a damned good case of it proving to be true. Remember Hillary when she was telling the guys on Wall Street about how - she had to tell the public one thing, but she could relax and talk to them about the realities they all knew she was really gonna install? -Ok well - thats paraphrased and I don't give a fuck how she said it, shes a classic example of a professional manipulator who had to manipulate and it just didn't happen to be possible to drag all those poor people out of poverty. She had to bring in several million people to take their jobs, because the ones IN the country obviously weren't going to vote for her. So FUCK em they're just little people.

    This is like - once in awhile the skin slides off some of these real top level predator types - George Bush 1 and Gerald Ford, Nixon, were three extremely reptilian motherfuckers in a row who were Repugnicans - now, it's coming out that not only is TRUMP a rapist

    but that dear old grandfatherly Bill Clinton was a massive one, too... Hillary with her CRAZY ambitions to simply be the biggest bitch on the pile - LoL - you can NOT let yourself BELIEVE

    one of these top groups has your interest in MIND.

    They have in mind, letting their DAUGHTER or SON

    Fuck you.
    you're a ''little people'' not a top tier predator. That means you need to be gotten out of the way if you can't be used for photo ops.

    They're ALL like this. They RUN the WORLD like it's their personal ZOO. Molesting some animals, making others fight to the death, on and on...

    and every year
    another hundred thousand of them
    graduate college with a 'degree' in ' ' science ' ' when they couldn't tell you the name of the law of physics that governs their field half the time, and most importantly

    'degrees' in '''MANAGEMENT'''. A business or any kind of MANAGEMENT schooling means they think they just took some personal oath, that they will not EVER - not EVER - actually work. FUCK that, that shit's for YOU to do.

    I'm 'management.'
    They grow up
    They do nothing worthwhile
    They either steal and borrow and scrape
    or their parents help them
    and they just give themselves permission that - work is for little people type motherfuckers, I don't do that.
    And they make that vow to themselves, for LIFE.

    How do I know this? I come from a family that consists partly of hard core, government employee types, middle and lower level political predators. My father was in federal law enforcement and my mom was a business owner who pretended - again - to be a 'Democrat' activist - who talked about her political constituents she was 'helping' so she could help my father get ahead - like they were dirt.

    Politics and the politics of how history gets written is the story of - the people who murdered the least number of people, got wiped out by the people who brutally ambushed and murdered the largest number of people.

    At times, it's really that brutal so you remember that when you start waving flags in the street, out in the rain, just SURE that you're really doing the 'right thing'.

    You'd be so surprised who eats and fucks together behind your back that it would change your personality to find out. Matter of fact it DOES change peoples' personalities to find out.
    It's called getting old and warning people about it.
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  16. Fender Super

    Fender Super Registered+

    Yeah, yeah, yeah, the usual dodge. That was then, this is now. The face of cannabis in the US is Jeff Sessions. Are ya happy now?
  17. Weezard

    Weezard Registered+

    So, we have a history buff.
    Thanks for your input.

    Prohibition theories can be fun.
    I suggest that you look into William, Randolph Hearst/Harry J. Anslinger./ John D. Rockefeller jr. triad.
    That's a whole tub of worms.
  18. Fender Super

    Fender Super Registered+

    I love his dog-whistle rhetoric. Really two years ago's right-wing talking points. *Yawn.*
  19. Somedatapackets

    Somedatapackets Registered+

    Don't cry because your Democrat friends who unleashed millions of illegal immigrants to take your and your kids jobs, also made pot illegal so their friends in the Klan they started could shoot black people and Mexicans.

    The fact such murderous lack of concern for your well being exists, ought to make bells ring. Instead you're doubling down on the people who wanted to unleash ISIS into your nation.

    And the people who told you magical gaissiness in the sky making less light reach a rock to warm it, warms it more than when more light warmed it.

    'Yew ow unckle gore some carbun sin munnie fer yew yewsin yew sum fiar! YaW''
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  20. Somedatapackets

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    Although the remark on Sessions being the face of anti-pot is the deal right now.

    Then again when a scamming progressive makes some fake law so everybody can be abused, who else is gonna enforce a boundary? A progressive? Oh Cmon. Hillary and Bill couldn't keep interns from invading the oval office, and Al Nusra front from invading the embassy in Libya.

    Your pretense all this wasn't STARTED by DEMONIC RATS - is just that. Pretense so you can pretend, all this wasn't started, by the same people who have been teaching you that

    magic refractive insulation
    suspended in a cold bath around a light warmed rock,
    so less light reaches the rock to warm it,
    made it warmer than when more light reached it and warmed it.

    Progressives aren't about progress. They're about disagreeing with the Majority.

    The way your Democrat friends who started the Klan did.

    The way your Democrat President Lyndon Johnson just had Kennedy murdered when he didn't like the way the president did things.

    The way your Democrat president Uncle Lyndon ramped Vietnam up and murdered thousands of American blacks and Mexicans, because there were just too many, and they made employment numbers look bad in his ''new society he was creating.''

    Praying to any political group instantly marks you as not having had the experience or travels to know the real truth.

    And that is that there's no such thing as a good politician for long. Ever. Well... it's rare.

    Mr Paul who retired, the baby doctor from Texas, he was pretty close.

    Those Democrats aren't your friend. They want to give you THEIR NEW VERSION of

    DEVIL WEED is just like HEROIN.

    It's called ''DEVIL GAS INVERTS the LAWS of THERMODYNAMICS and makes insulation between a rock and fire,
    making less light warm that rock,
    makes that rock warmer.

    Nobody back when they made pot illegal had heard of pot being bad.

    Have you ever heard of insulation refracting light from an object,

    making more light warm the object it made less light warm?

    Of course not because the cold, thermally conductive light blocking bath of compressible fluids

    that the atmosphere actually is,

    isn't a magical heater in the sky.

    Demonic Rats just told you it is so they can make you send Al Gore your kids' birthday presents and college money to buy you some forgiveness from him for using fire to make the sky get hot.

    Here's a hint: using fire won't make the sky get hot.

    Here's another one: Democrats have ruined life in the United States and worldwide for BILLIONS upon BILLIONS of PEOPLE and we're here today because they made it illegal.

    Here's another one: your lack of educability is exactly what had your grandpa agreeing that if thim demonic rats
    sed it's purgressive,
    thin it's purgressive,
    and F*** thim pot heads.

    You'd have thought when Democrats started the Klan

    and then made pot illegal

    and then started Vietnam

    and then unleashed millions of illegals to take their jobs,

    blacks and hispanics would have gotten the message.

    Then again the same government employees dumbing them down in the schools,

    are the same one robbing their parents blind, shooting them down like dogs, then blaming conservatives for what they've created.
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