Why are all the "R"s runnin in my state totally against cannabis?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Shovelhandle, Oct 17, 2016.

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    Looking at who to vote for state offices and EVERY R is dead against cannabis like it was 1972 or something. The shit they say is tired old rhetoric from DEA and Nixon and Reagan Drug War days. This is a very enlightened state, in my opinion. We do have decriminalization and medical MJ, totally due to Progressive party and Democratic party politicians. They put legalization on a bill last year but were in a hurry and fucked that all up. Next year they will try again but in between we have state elections. The Dems and Progs are killing property owners as the education tax is property taxed based and the schools are having some real problems. They have a great majority in both houses. the GOPs have a different /better vision for many things but cannabis is not one of those things. I'll likely hold my nose and vote for my wallet and the fiscal future of the state. But cannabis legalization would be a puff of smoke and who knows how a 'conservative' judiciary would make things even worse for cannabis users, both medical and recreational.

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