Why are all the "R"s runnin in my state totally against cannabis?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Shovelhandle, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. Dutch Pimp

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    there's only one man, qualified to answer that rant...P4B...Psycho4Bud, the Modfather :thumbsupold:
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  2. Weezard

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    gift horse.jpg
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  3. Somedatapackets

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    There's nobody qualified to answer it at all, except say ''Yeah, you're right about all of it!''

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  4. Fender Super

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    Welcome to the bozo bin, Adolf. Your chemtrails are on the way...

    Weez - see what I mean? Years-old talking points. The man is mentally retarded.
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  5. Fender Super

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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Not only are you stupid, you've just won a lifetime stupid achievement award. Go fuck yourself.
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  6. Fender Super

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    Aww, Mr. Data Packets got his fee fees hurt.
  7. Somedatapackets

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    It's your fucked up political party, hillbilly. You deal with it having started the Klan and arranged the murder of one of the brightest presidents in history, and making pot illegal.

    I don't join those.

    They're for weaklings.

    And no, YOU dropped out of high school. Don't project that disgusting public school 'education' you got off onto me.

    You're the one here who graduated 30% behind home schooled dinosaur riding Christian fundies in every educational metric ever devised.

    I'm an Electronic Engineer in a field you can't spell. Well maybe you can. It's called Radiation Communications. 4 years, University diploma.

    It's called getting up off your ass and being something besides a gullible hick in life.

    Hey - did you see Hillary's inauguration?

    HAH hah hah HAH. No you didn't, and you're not gonna see it either.

  8. Somedatapackets

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    I bet all those people are so glad the Democrats in the police shot them dead so they didn't have to worry about being hooked on Franklin Roosevelt's Devil Weed.

    Maybe that's why Democrats flooded the country with illegals: their cop friends whose grandpas started the Klan had about shot all the poor people over pot.

    About like Lyndon Johnson had Kennedy shot. No mercy, just shot in the head as they drove by in their cars. What is wrong with you people and your utter disdain for even your own kind?

    Who benefited from you Democrats making pot illegal?

    Oh that's right their Democrat friends in the oil business.

    Like Al Gore the oil man peddling his ''new improved technology.''

    That was what DuPont said about flooding the earth with all his own oil based plastic pollution.

    You Democrats really know a trend don't ya?

    That's called 'Progress' and you stick by those Democrats till the last ISIS refugee stabs a bunch of people at a mall?

    When you learn to read,

    look up Radiation Communications Electronic Engineering.
  9. Fender Super

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    Hmmm, smells like Nazism in here...
  10. Weezard

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  11. Somedatapackets

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    That's because your mustache is sticky from the pearl necklaces he people who started the KLAN left you to thank you for being so gullible.

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  12. Weezard

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    Have a rational discussion?
    Pick a fight?

  13. EvilCartman

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    I'll take curtain #1 Monty! :D

    I say buckle-up and get the popcorn. How often do you get to watch a 4 year train-wreck?

    Maybe start a pool? When will NK be TRUMPED? :rolleyes:

    Our president reminds me of Rodney Dangerfield in Back To School, only way,way more douche-baggy. (and a lot less funny)
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