Why are they drooping?

Discussion in 'Hydroponics' started by sandman1982, Apr 26, 2006.

  1. sandman1982

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    My foaf was wondering what is causing his plants to droop. He was thinking maybe over watering so he cut the water schedule to 15 min every 1.5 hours or so and they are still drooping...

    Any ideas?

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  2. Jdzzl03

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    Any specifics like setup, lights, nutes, temps, ph ect...?

    It could be a number of things. You might have to wait for one of the more experienced growers to see if they can tell by just looking but the more detailed the easier it is to solve the prob.
  3. Garden Knowm

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    yes overwatering anbd underwatering are usually the main reasons a plant droops.. also SHOCK will cause droopinig...

    PIck the basket up... is it heavy as shit and saturated with water?
    If so, you know it is over watering
    Rockwool cubes dont need to be watered more than once a day in 78 farenheit..
    You should consider mixing hydroton clay pellets in the baskets...

    SOme plantrs will not recover from over watering for more than a month..
    Usually this is in the mediium of soil... just lay off the water for 2 days.. those cubes will hold a lot of moisture.

    STILLNESS and breathing... the miracle is right THERE!!
  4. sandman1982

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    GH 3 part nutes, 400 watt hps, grodan growcubes, 5.7 ph drip system.

    One time a day will do it garden? 15 minutes per 24 hours?

    The basket does drip when picked up a little bit (mainly when shaken) but its not REALY heavy...

    FOXBIRD Registered+

    might be a N deficiency or overage

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  6. Zandor

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    NOPE that is not enough water for them at all. Start with 15 on every 1:45 min so you have a 2 hour cycle. Work from there as your starting point. If your were using dirt then sure that water cycle is fine but in a soiless mix it dry's out to much and the plant is stressing to find water and nutrients.
  7. Garden Knowm

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    Sandman... there may be a problem on the horizon for you..
    I don't see eye to eye with Zandor on this one... LOL

    Your plants actually need water about once every day or 2 days or 3 days... ,maybe even every 4 days if they are sitting in wet rockwool cubes... it all depends on how fast the rockwool cubes dry... I can not imagine rockwool ever needing watering every 15 minutes...

    Now.. you are waterinjg your rockwool from the top... some people who water the cubes from the bottom can water more often..

    the roots must have o2... and as great as rockwool is, if it is saturated it will smother your roots..

    The basket should not be heavy and dripping all the time... please keep us posted...

    : )
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  8. Zandor

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    no problem GK you can disagree with me with me all you like.....you're wong but that's ok....you still love me:D

    15 min every 2 hours is not much for a starting point. Yes it will change; your plants will tell you what they can deal with. Starting to low is just as bad as starting with out enough.
  9. Krogith

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    I'd say that you need to watch em your secudle and the way it set up seems possble over watering Zandor's right try 15 min on 1:45 min off and when next water cycle comes on see if the rockwood is wet still if so wait more time. Your roots absorb water and grow and when the water dryes up your roots grow to reach for water ( vital for Big buds your plant will only grow roots during groth stage in bud stage grow of roots is stoped) so you need it to dry out for a little bit befor water comes on again they need oxygen.
  10. Garden Knowm

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  11. Zandor

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    Told you so; you still love me:D
  12. latewood

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    Feel The LOVE!!! Everybody is right; In their own world!!!
    I like what krogith said, kinda...pay attention...check your rockwool to find out when it is drying up, then start with that cycle...Add/Decrease off times as you dial it in...

    I think If you can afford a digital timer and decrease watering times, as opposed to increasing Off times...
    You might solve your problem, because It is most likely that your are watering TOO long, not the fact that you don't have
    long enough Off times. Did that make sense?

    commercial drip farmers, growing tomato's,peppers, cucumber's...water in cycles of 45 seconds on every 5 minutes...this is using perlite as a medium in beto/hydro buckets

    So it goes to say that since We know that r'wool holds moisture longer than perlite; It does not need to be watered as often as perlite...so conceivably, you could water for 45 seconds every 10 minutes, or every One hour...or 6 hrs. etc. Get my point? Goodluck, this was a fun thread to comment on. I gotta go tend to my garden.

    I also agree with Knowmy:p and usually recommend adding hydroton to your r'wool cubes, to increase grower friendliness.

    You heard of User friendly...Hydroton is Grower friendly...LOL.
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  13. latewood

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    I thought of another thing...

    What is temp in your res...It look likes you have netpots in a tub...If this is right, then I would check that tub's temps...bet it is hot as hell. I ran into this problem in my aero tub build...Had to open a hole to release Hot air in the tubs...

    Just a thought...lw
  14. Krogith

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    water temp

    from pic looks over watered but yeah your water could be to hot to nice brain storming man:smokin:
  15. Garden Knowm

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    the freaking plant has been over watered... and it needs to dry out for at LEAST 24 hours..

    and now you love me
  16. sandman1982

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    Ok well I have been in lala land and didnt know there was still conversation going on here, but I am glad.

    My foaf put the timer on for one 15 minute period per 24 hours. The plants arent looking any better however...The cubes arent soaked, no water drips from them now when I lift them out.

    The leaves are rather "rough" and are getting twisted me thinks from awkward laying whilst drooping.

    In my FOAF's infinite wisdom he desided to top them in there period of turmoil. (last night)

    Temp inside the container is actually a little bit less than the surface. About 77-78. The holes for air hoses and what not let air circulate well Im guessing.

    A picture is worth a thousand words.

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  17. Krogith

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    well man i hate topping shit i only tryed it for 2 years keeps your shit to low and i think it lowers yeald thats off topic tho they still drooping? last pic looks little better but you shure you letting em dry out befor re water? You relize that where you top em is like deciding about where top of plant is =/ what grow light scedule you useing btw?
  18. Garden Knowm

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    try watering for 15 minutes every 12 hours.... you are on the right trackl.. just increase the watering by one watering a day...

    where are the roots going? are they just hanging in the air? or are they in the water reservoir?

    Can you show me the roots?

    What is the temperature of the water in the reservoir?

    You should consider using a fish tank aqaurium pump and air stone to airate the water... especially if the roots are danglinig in the reservoir..

    Because you are watering so infreqyuently the water in the reservoir is not getting aggitated.. this means lower oxygen content.. this is bad...


    you are doing a good JOB... picture one looks like it needs some water...
    Yeah I said it... LOL

    i need to see the roots and I need a picture 25 minutes after you water that plant in picture 1... a before and after picture.. please..


    love is YOU
  19. sandman1982

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    Ok, here we are. The plants are not looking any better for the most part. They were watered for about 2 or 3 minutes for the before after pics (last two) but there wasnt any noticable difference after 25 minutes.

    There are root pics of 2 of the plants, they are all about the same for the most part.

    They are looking more and more knarled and twisted....Im scared....Also Im not too sure but I think the smell is weakening in the room. The big plant looks pretty good I think, but the rest of em are just looking wacky.

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  20. sandman1982

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    heres the rest of the crew this morning (previous pics are last nightish)

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