Why didn't Sour Kush make the list of 50 Best Strains?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Strains' started by Oneofakind77, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Oneofakind77

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    I don't get it...I've done searches on numerous sites, regarding Sour Kush and how phenomenal of a strain, I find it to be.
    Now, when it comes to straight reviews on the strain, I've read nothing but positive things.
    Yet, on each if those sites, I ALSO, looked up rankings for the current, most popular strains. In doing so, I found that - SK did NOT make any of the lists!
    Anyone here know what that's all about?
  2. EvilCartman

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    Haha, "best" lists are compiled by folks with too much time on their hands. ;)
    Just burn what ya like. Who cares if it's on someone's favorite list?

    If ya want a list, make your own. :) Then it'll mean something.

    Pass the ECSD, please. :jointsmiley:
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  3. Pupp

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    There are so many strains, nobody can smoke em all. I'd say most "best strain" lists come from people that review a lot of strains and magazine/websites that do a lot of reviews. Some cull the list considerably by only choosing strains that have recently won awards. But then again, there are a lot of fests and stuff give that give out awards for various strains. Plus most strains are sub divided into various groups, like highest THC, highest CBS, best indica, best sativa, best flavor profile... you get the picture.

    That doesn't even touch on websites like Leafly that try to track how popular strains are. Some strains tend to stay in the top 10 due to the fact it's beginner friendly and with legalization slowly creeping across America, newbies like to try weed that's beginner friendly. Then you have other strains that get a lot of press like Girl Scout Cookies, and others like Sour Diesel that have been the de facto standard in the north east, like NYC, which probably includes anything within a 100 miles of New York City. People are creatures of habit, and once Sour Diesel made it's way in the area, probably sometime in the 90's, it went like a wildfire, and by now most users in that part of the country just expect the dealer on the corner of the street to have that in stock.

    The point of this is: don't obsess with what the best strain in the world is, there are a LOT of strains that could easily claim that title if only they have enough market penetration and lots of good press, and win a few awards. Personally, I'm more interested in who are the best seed breeders. That's more indicative of seed quality, which you can grow award winning weed from.
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  4. Buck Rogers420

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    So what's everyone here's favorites?
    For get up and go sativa I like Strawberry Cough and Sour D.
    For a pain relieving knockout indica I go for Blueberry Widow and Black Domino.:pirate:

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