Why do leaves turn sideways ?

Discussion in 'Plant Problems' started by Buds Buddy, Jul 21, 2018.

  1. Buds Buddy

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    I currently have 25 plants growing. 4'x8'x7' Tent, 3 - 600 watt LED's @ 36" from plants, 2 bags Happy Frog mixed with 1 bag Ocean Forrest, transplanted to 2 gallon pots a week ago, No Nutes yet, Water about every 3 days when the weight of the pots get light...pH 6.4
    Shortly after they 1st popped I got a couple plants that got brown tips....figured it was probably the nutes in the Fox Farms soil. Just a couple of plants did this & all growth above that is fine so not worried about that.
    I'm only concerned about 3 plants out of 25 that are acting weird when the other 22 plants all look great.
    1 of the 3 plants keeps turning all it's leaves (all of the leaves) sideways. It's the only plant doing this.
    2 of the other plants are getting twisted looking leaves....which I thought was too much light...but how can the rest be all nice & healthy looking with leaves all laying flat & 3 plants acting weird ? Hard to determine what's going on with 22 plants doing great & 3 acting weird.
    Any thoughts on what this could be?
    Thinking about putting those 3 plants in my small tent 2'x4'x6' with the T-5 light & 4 - LED Spotlights to see if it changes the way they act. For some reason I'm thinking the LED lights are causing these 3 plants to act weird … but really don't know if that's the problem.
    Any thoughts or suggestions would be great.
    Also, this is my 1st time using LED's so I'm having a little trouble finding the correct height....but I must be in the correct range with 22 plants looking good.
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  2. Buds Buddy

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    As much as I'd like to use LED's I'm wondering if I should switch my lights to MH / HPS like I used last time. I have 2 - 600 Watt HPS & 1 - 1000 Watt HPS ( 2- with large hoods 30" x 36" & 1 is a Tube Light). Pretty much hang those lights & forget about them. But wanted to use LED's to cut down on heat & electric usage. Had a hard time keeping temps under 90 degrees with HPS & temps don't get over 84 degrees with the LED's. Temps will probably drop more when I install the 8" Fan, Filter & Muffler I just bought. The 4" set up from my small tent isn't doing the trick in the big tent. Switching it out tomorrow when I'm off work.
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  3. Pupp

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    Can we get a photo please?
  4. Buds Buddy

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    Here's a couple pics of the 1 plant that the leaves turn sideways on. Only one doing this...LOL. Pic of tent to show light height (3 - 600 watt LED's) Should have taken pics under regular lighting but you can get the idea from these. GEDC4042.JPG GEDC4043.JPG GEDC4045.JPG GEDC4055.JPG GEDC4056.JPG
  5. WashougalWonder

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    Those leaves are turning because they are aiming at bright spots from the foil reflections.
  6. Buds Buddy

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    That sounds reasonable to me. Also, I can't see that hurting them at all. Was worried it had something to do with nutrients or too much light. All plants look good now even though i still have some sideways leaves here & there. Started watering less & no nutes just like you said & everything perked up nicely. Thanks !
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  7. TomSawyer2112

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    From what I’m seeing, I’m wondering if maybe you should lower those LEDs a bit to keep your plants from getting spindly long trying to reach for the lights. Maybe around 26”-36” from the leaves? Maybe the leaves are trying to gather light off the walls. Or raise the pots up closer using milk crates like I did. But they look good so far. Are these clones?
  8. Buds Buddy

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    No Clones ... just some bag O.G. Kush seeds. Actually I mounted the lights to the ceiling & things started looking better & the plants are about 2' tall so I'm probably at 40" above the plants but I turned on my side lighting now also. However, it appears I'm getting a little light burn on the top leaves of a few plants so I need to re -direct the side lights some. Anxious for my cuttings to show sex so I can get rid of the males & make more room before my last up-pot. Might veg these an extra week or two to see if I get more yield.
  9. EvilCartman

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    Haha! I hear that! I've never flowered cuttings like you're doin'. Normally, 5-6 weeks veg will establish what's what.
    But the last days before the final up-pot, I'm scrutinizing the plants under high magnification.
    Really don't need to be wasting soil, time and effort on the boys. :mad:
  10. Weezard

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    I seldom need to know the sex that early. I usually wait until they start alternate branching, then look for pre-flowers.
    Mind you, I've seen one pop a dozen female pre-flowers, then when I put her out, throw balls on the flop. :(
    Not hermie, full on male.
    Fortunately, this male was actually quite welcome.
    I don't need to waste money buying seed. :)
  11. Buds Buddy

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    Only reason I want to know early is it's getting crowded as hell in that tent. All plants are touching each other & no room to spread them out. Besides, I'm thinking of up-potting from 3 gal. to 5 gal. grow bags for flower & flower for 9 - 10 weeks this time instead of 8. I'll need room for that so the sooner I get rid of the males the better. On top of that I picked up a 12" x 40" Phresh Filter that sits on the floor in a corner of the tent. That takes up the space of 1 plant also.
    Got my Duct Mufflers, Flex, Elbows & Clamps today so will be hooking it up this weekend. I made a pretty cool window exhaust panel for it that's pretty unnoticeable. I'll post pics of everything next week after it's up & running.

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