Why do people puke or get nausea from weed?

Discussion in 'Medicinal Cannabis and Health' started by Euphoric7, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. Euphoric7

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    If grass is supposed to suppress nausea and such why do I frequently hear of people who have "smoked too much" and ended up violently puking or feeling really nauseous until their high came down?

    It just doesn't add up to me; any clarifying?

    And how can you stop this?
  2. TheMetal1

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    I got this from a thread that I started awhile back. BirdGirl seems to have some street cred when it comes to medical matters. :thumbsup:

    I have suffered with extreme nausea for years. However, it is not provoked whatsoever by smoking Cannabis, but this information was still very useful.

    Hope that helped. :jointsmile:

    P.S. I have experienced almost complete relief of symptoms with a combination of morning doses of a new nausea medication and subsequent routine of smoking. For me, the pharmeceutical provides almost immediate improvement, but due to its side effects, there is no way that I could take it throughout the day. The later regimen of smoking helps my symptoms once my stomach has the support of the pharmeceutical. Since I experience extreme nausea as soon as I open my eyes in the morning, the irritation from the smoke makes it nearly impossible to medicate with Cannabis at that point. I have not had any experience with edibles for medication purposes, but I guess it would have a positive result. In my reading, the majority of patients receive nausea relief through baked goods and extracts.
  3. birdgirl73

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    Wow! I was going to have to go looking for that thread TheMetal1 quoted above or else rewrite it. That came in handy, TheMetal! Thanks.

    Yep, it just seems like for a very small fraction of people, the nausea/vomiting centers of the brain get stimulated instead of subdued by cannabis. I also think sometimes a very dramatic vomiting response may have more to do with anxiety--panic and an adrenaline surge frequently spur vomiting, too--or even a response to coughing from the harshness of the smoke.
  4. bugmenot2

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    Most things in life have some people who have adverse reactions to it. Usually it's called an allergic reaction. That may not be what's going on, but there are other adverse consequences of pretty much everything. I know someone who is allergic to alcohol, even the smallest drop and they get nausea and a rash. Just because weed is good at controlling some symptoms in a majority of people, doesn't mean it will have that same affect in EVERYONE.
  5. stinkyattic

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    To be precise, an allergic reaction is an immune response where the body identifies a substance as alien and tries to attack it, resulting in hives, rashes, fever, and, in extreme cases, anaphylactic shock. Allergic reactions, including contact dermatitis, to cannabis and its resins are uncommon but HAVE been documented among growers.

    Not all reactions by the body to a toxin or irritant are allergic. For example, food poisoning is a rapid rejection by your body of an ingested substance that your body identifies as toxic, not by sending white blood cells or macrophages to attack it, but by triggering a vomiting response. Diarrhea caused by an irritant such as spicy food, a protein or set of proteins that the body cannot digest with the enzymes it has available, or a source of fiber (raw ginger, in excess, is a common one) is likewise not an allergy.

    Vomiting from smoke inhalation is common. If you do not have an accompanying rash, hives, pain, or fever (in which case stop using cannabis completely until you have ruled it out as the source of the reaction!), you should look into vaporizing. It's possible simply that you have taken in so muhc smoke that your body has decided you are in danger and will try to rid you of the substance the quickest way it knows how, which is vomiting.

    That's my totally undereducated and non-medical explanation! :D
  6. Storm Crow

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    Hi Metal1

    Have you tried vaping? It is usually less irritating than smoking. I have an asthmatic friend who coughs and chokes when she tokes. She vapes just fine, however.

    And try a bedtime snack of an edible! My hubby suffers from pain and a "magic muffin" in the evening makes his mornings much better. Since eating has a much longer effect time, it might lessen the morning nausea.

    I remember my morning sickness! Waking up sick to your stomach really sucks! :( And incidentally, my morning sickness was lessened by a large dose of B-6 just before bed. I'd still feel somewhat nauseous when I got up, but I wouldn't actually vomit. A small improvement. :cool: Pot was better, but not always available.

  7. GreenDestiny

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    another factor to consider...

    If possible, always try to get your bud from a trusted source.

    There's so much floating around out there that you have no idea how it was grown, what kinds of fertilizers and chemicals were used, or how well that stuff was flushed from the plant prior to harvest.

    Smoking nasty chemicals could definitely make anyone feel ill and puke after too many bowls of it. Kinda scary to think about it actually. How many toxic chemicals have you consumed from the mystery buds you buy on the street? There are no standards for quality control. Consume at your own risk unless it is from a reliable source.
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  8. stinkyattic

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    ^^^Destiny has a good point.
    If you cruise around the grow forums at sites that encourage/support cashcropping discussions, you will see an OUTRAGEOUS number of posts asking how to find Floramite, Avid, and Physan... None of which are approved for food crops nearing harvest!!!! I'll bet if we ever DO see a link between chronic cannabis use and lung cancer, it's going to be linked to the fucking SHIT that's getting sprayed on it so that the mites won't munch through its bag appeal...
    This is what cashcroppers and even a lot of people who are growing for dispensaries are using! So definitely look into organically grown weed if you are sensitive to chemicals.

    And for us growers, don't use any of that shit on your plants past the end of week 2 of flower, or no less than SIX WEEKS from harvest.
  9. Euphoric7

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    Wow, thanks for the detailed posts everyone! Is there anything you can do WHILE you're high and feeling nauseous? I remember trying to drink water, feeling it drop down into my stomach, and feeling really nauseous with each sip.
  10. birdgirl73

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    There are a couple of things you can do. First, make sure that you're well hydrated before you smoke. Dehydration can exacerbate nausea, and smoking is dehydrating. So is summertime heat!

    I've always found that one of the best all-purpose anti-nausea meds around is Dramamine (generic name dimenhydrinate). It's marketed as an anti-motion sickness drug, but it's a very effective anti-nausea medicine and is sold over the counter. Half of a tablet usually does the trick for me. It's a first cousin to Benadryl/diphenhydramine. You can take it with other meds (like cannabis) or on its own. It's famous for causing drowsiness/sleepiness, but for me it works like a charm to quell nausea.
  11. TheMetal1

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    I've never been able to fly without it :thumbsup:

    Although, I now have some pretty heavy duty stuff for nausea... so it's almost physically impossible for me to vomit. :stoned:

    It sounds strange, but breathing control and concentration can really help stop nausea too. I used to close my eyes and act like I was either pulling or pushing the sickness out of my stomach. Yeah... I might look nuts when doing it, but nausea can be mental as much as physical. Anxiety, which can be a side effect of Cannabis, coupled with pre-existing stress can make for a trembling stomach for sure.

    The brain is a powerful thing.... when you're :jointsmile:
  12. I've heard and seen people spray dry brick weed cannabis with stuff like Windex to increase the weight.

    Certain foods may also add to nausea, I can't drink milk and then smoke herb.
    I developed lactose intolerance during puberty. So I don't do the whole milk thing anymore. Cheese, cream, butter and stuff is okay with other foods.

    Some herb, normally bottom of the barrel street weed makes my mouth water something fierce and sometimes causes me to vomit. Rough, nasty tasting smoke. Usually I just ate something and then smoked within 30min of eating.
  13. Euphoric7

    Euphoric7 Registered+

    ^It makes your mouth water? Did you get any really intense hallucinogenic effects too?

    Thanks for the water suggestion, and the meditation; they both help decently!
  14. GreenDestiny

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    When the body senses that regurgitation is imminent, extra saliva will excrete to help protect your mouth from the acids that come up. It's a good warning sign to quickly grab a trashcan or something to use to vomit in.
  15. TurnyBright

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    That sensation of rushing saliva is really weird.
  16. Not quite sure what you mean by hallucinogenic effects. I just felt really sick/like crap until I vomited. No distortion in auditory or visual senses.

    Most street weed doesn't have a pleasant taste and is at best sickening when said taste goes to your tummy.

    Smoking out of a clean pipe should help.
    I notice the thick heavy tar taste my smoke gets when being smoked out of a "dirty" pipe isn't pleasant also. :twocents:
  17. veggii

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    I suffer from nausea everyday its part of the disease I have,mmj helps with the nausea alot, except every once in awhile it will make me more nauseous
    not sure why must be a reaction to something in my system. sure wish I knew how to stop it, or what its reacting to ?? this is one reason why we need cannabis testing done. :(
  18. grinmore

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    I'm not sure if you mean suffering from nausea straight after you smoke your first bowl, or if you mean feeling sick after you've smoked too much in one long sitting. Thats only if you are obtaining the medicinal value of mmj through smoking...

    I've read something somewhere that says smoking too much causes decreased blood pressure (hypotension?) which might make you feel sick and dizzy. sometimes it might be the smoke irritation in your throat...

    me and my friends tend to refer to it as just greening out...

    nothing much you can do till its over i guess...the chemicals are in your system already hehe maybe drink some water :) chill out a bit

    ps.dontttttt drink then smoke...unless you're used to it
    "beer before grass, you're on your ass"
    just thought i'd add that in case you are

    hope you figure out whats wrong soon!:thumbsup:
  19. Euphoric7

    Euphoric7 Registered+

    ^Yea! It's after being "too high".
  20. GreenDestiny

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    ahhhhhhhhhhhh ok, that kinda nausea... yeah I've experienced that a couple of times.

    Once I puked after the very first hit of weed..... I was way too anxious to smoke to calm my nerves after my car was totalled (I was sober the whole day, and accident wasn't my fault). I took a super huge hit... smoke was so thick and HOT and was like a shock to my mouth and throat, it triggered my gag reflex and I vomitted a tiny bit. Didn't make me sick, it was just a reflex. Never experienced that ever again, was very weird.

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