why do the plants smell like cat piss?

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    a friend of mine noticed that her, plants smell like cat pee
    or cat litter. i believe they are only a month and a couple days old

    btw she doesnt have a cat
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    MARlJUANA Registered+

    are they outdoors? or anywhere accessable to a or possibly more than one cat? if not beats me o_O
  3. khyberkitsune

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    Some plants naturally smell like this due to their higher nitrogen and sulfur content, sometimes it's due to the concentration of the nutrients you're using.

    What's the strain? Most strains with the cat urine smell hit hard and rough, but contain a fair amount of THC versus CBD and thus gets you fairly high, and the THC-V content makes it kick in FAST and HARD, but it mellows out fast to the THC buzz. This is a common trait in Asian strains.
  4. sarah louise

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    You could also ask why does cat's pee smell like an afghani in flower?
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  5. XGR33NthumbX

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    ohhh thats what it is, lol my brother grow 2 very nice plants (outside) when we choped her down, and drying inside, the hole house smelt like cat pis, but after curing the smel went and it was very very nice smoke.

  6. TheShastaCoMan

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    thank you. i was just getting ready to post damn near the exact same thing word for word.

    theres a strain specifically called 'cat piss" that has a potency that will take your head off if grown outdoors. i know as ive grown it now for 4 years running.
  7. trispinosis

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    real cat piss

    How do i get cuttings or seeds?Ever heard of p91 San diego strain,smelled like cat piss.
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