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  1. psymin

    psymin Registered+

    Doest any one ahve the answer as it doesnt smell like bud at all any more, where has the smell gone? have i done some thing wrong?
  2. Tomthehippie

    Tomthehippie Registered+

    is this ur 1st grow? it just might cus.. either... poor strain? poor light? harvested at the wrong time? erm poorly fed? could be loads of things :)
  3. psymin

    psymin Registered+

    4th grow, growing white rhino, n harvested it bit late, which might be the reason. but has any one else had this problem? will curing it in cans halp?
  4. redeyed

    redeyed Registered+

    How long have you been drying it, two week's, three weeks? After a couple weeks you should start cureing your bud is mason jars, you can use any sealable container but mason jars are glass and won't pick any bad tastes or smells. Place buds loosely in the jars close the lid tight and only open it for 20 min. aday. Do that for a month while keeping it in a cool dark place and keeping a eye out for mold. You should notice a differance after that.
    As far as the hay smell, check your buds for mold. Hopefully there is none and that's not your problem, if there is sorry dude but better luck next year.
  5. psymin

    psymin Registered+

    thanks man, they only been drying for a bout 10 days now, but smell has slowley gone, when i agitate the bud it does smell of skunk then , but i will cure it one dried.

    thansk for your help guys
  6. Tomthehippie

    Tomthehippie Registered+

    it sounds like a poor strain or it was a poor plant? iv had the same thing happen to me with whitewidow..
  7. psymin

    psymin Registered+

    yeah man nirvana seeds, dont really liek thats company as all the plants were inconsistent and 4 males, where as the flying dutchmen, shiva shanty and pot of god were all big and strong. much bigger stems too. they have still got about 2 or 3 weeks left
  8. Delta9 UK

    Delta9 UK Registered+

    Do they smell strong (stealth) while growing? I have those exact seeds :)
  9. ocbornandrazd

    ocbornandrazd Registered+

    :smokin: WHat I have found is that when curing in jars(i like glass too)as long as it's airtight it works.Watch for mold cause it sneaks up on you.Better to have dried it too much then ruin it from mold.THe longer it stays in the jars,keeping an eye on it and if u start getting an amonia smell then it's starting to mold.After a couple weeks in an airtight container you will start getting that smell ur looking for.The smell is caused by chemical reactions ya all probably could care less about,but the taste become sweeter/richer and kicks the potency up a notch as well.Also remember that outdoor mj doesn't get that hydro,indoor,nutrient induced man controlled care.Outdoor/organic is Mother Natures gift of life to us.Isn't she wonderful?
    What r u growing and doesn't it have smell when u cut it open? How long has it been drying off the tree,ect.?
    THere r some good URL's on curing and that's how ul get ur grow to be all it can be.Good luck and the next grow always goes better because we learn so much from each time.Make sur eto keep good documentation so u know what u did when it went south and visa-versa.:thumbsup:
  10. Abattoir Dream

    Abattoir Dream Registered+

    some strains lose their smell and taste, its not something youve done, (unless you grew hemp lol) its the strain,
  11. bejay

    bejay Registered+

    dont think it has much to do with the strain and curing it may help but think the drying process is probably the biggest factor you may have dried it out to much or to fast. not sure how you dried your plants but 10 days could easily be to long depending on the conditions such as temp and humidity.

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